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„Ak by sme mohli dať každému jednotlivcovi správne množstvo výživy a cvičenia, nie málo a nie veľa, našli by sme najbezpečnejší spô

Little fact you may not know about me. I used to hate coffee. But then after working as a barista for about 3 years I developed an obsession for

🎤 🎤 🎤 Exciting announcement 🎤 🎤 🎤 💗Gotta love a collaboration, I'm with Danielle Earley Consultancy and Judy from BabyWinkz

Got my 5 miles in‼️ My feet hurt...My hips hurt....My back hurts, BUT..I have Hope...I have Goals....I’m a redhead and I’m stubborn!!! 1.4

Client Praise!♥️🌻 Two different clients. One on the left has also been trying to convince it i just so happen to run into her. Which I’m sure

Happy Wednesday!! Happy Hump day!! A day of patience. Be mindful of all your shadows and those of others being triggered today. Through the darkness

⁣Did someone else have a crazy/busy day? I hope that this smoothie gives me the pick me up that I need to finish this day strong. 💪🏼⁣Also

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was an accident, but felt I should capitalize on the situation when the thoughts came to me........................ #blood #bloody

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The world to much to ask for ?🤔

#tbt two talented #blackgirls 👩🏾‍🦱👩🏾‍🦱reaching into their archives to give us a Gate City Classic! They’ll be in the building

Don’t put your soul in the wrong hands, mindset or environment. Clear Quartz, The Master Healer. It amplifies energy and thought, it absorbs,

After working through some breathing techniques, philosophy, science and mindset using the Wim Hof method, it was time to tap into the wisdom of the

Today we’re focusing on Law of Attraction! Write below what you would like to let go of and replace it with something you’d like to attract!! For

Súťažíme o lístky na @fnc_fanpage_ ‼️30. marca 2019‼️Zostáva už len pár dní do zahájenia veľkého Galavečera Fight Night

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Tortilla de espinacas al microondas

Blood sugar balance is not just a topic for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics! Have you ever had the afternoon crash, shakiness, extreme hunger, cravings,

Tu cherches le bonheur ? Désolé de t'apprendre ça , mais il ne se trouvera nul part.... Il se construit , chaque personne construit son propre

- From: The Shadow Affect movie a MUST watch!! - .. “The unresolved issues that people have in their bodies, their emotions, has an absolute direct

Follow: @authentically.herself.11:11 is a trigger to set you on your path, to make your mark on this existence. Whenever I see this its a reminder

@apparent_inc is reengineering the way the world manages and uses energy // aerial photos from large scale solar project in Davis, California ☀️

I want to feel my life, while I’m in it. 💭 The only way that can be done is to live in the present moment. Reread & Try it

Going for blonde highlights tomorrow.

I grew up dreaming of my happily ever after. In life we often choose fear over love. Fear of the unknown. Fear of people's opinions. Fear of failure.

Check out this beautiful shot by Gerri.She continues to come with the heat Speaking of, are you gonna mis summer?********** @soryn965.....