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MAKE TODAY COUNTStep into your powerYour superpower is That you are YOUBe authentically you!Be the highest version of yourselfYour fully

Balance is everything. And life happens. The earlier we accept this, learn to take the good with the bad and live accordingly the happier and more


Anyone else fear that there may be a Monday without Zyng? Me too. This is my last Monday at my long term, observation site. While I’ll miss it, I


NO SE LO PIERDAN! Mañana y el miércoles estaremos exponiendo con todos nuestros productos 100% naturales, sin colorantes ni químicos. 🌺📍

🌿En Kundalí vivimos la luna llena como un momento en el que permitimos que aflore el lado Femenino, el yin que todos tenemos dentro.☯️

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Oii 😊🌟E as pedras não acabaram...Tem condição pra esse lugar?!❤️❤️❤️ #energy

"La lluvia empezó de nuevo. Caía pesadamente, fácilmente, sin ningún significado o intención, sino el cumplimiento de su propia naturaleza, que

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I love the water and have been fishing for over 35 years. Bliss. I’ll be leaving Queensland tomorrow heading for the Northern Territory.

Accurate depiction of how I’m feeling during these moon energies. Rediscovered the power of the breath (again🤣), feelings of how beautiful it is

#Repost @easyecotips ( @get_repost)・・・Did you know?.Charging your phone in airplane mode is faster because because airplane mode turns off


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A cup of this tea in the morning will have you feeling lighter by the end of the night. *Feel free to add a couple drops of honey for a sweeter taste

#Dubai will host world expo 2020. Dubai has made major investments in Real Estate and introduced a world’s largest Solar Power Project = conversion


Amazing. This is how #solar panels get cleaned.⠀⠀We have solutions to the #climate crisis, let's raise our ambition and implement them.⠀⠀

Smudge, Don't Judge.Can we get some sage up in here? Smudging is an ancient practice of cleansing the energy of items, places, and people. A wise

CHILE!!🇨🇱 nos vemos El 15 de Julio en @zaperoko_restobar completamente en intimo. Te garantizamos una noche inolvidable y sobre todo mover el

Vibrational Healing with Tibetan Chakra Healing bowls— Book a session to experience the power of the vibrational healing by Sound, a technique that

Manifest your ideal world 🌎 It’s not about the money.. this game we call life is about helping others reach their full potential, we just have to

Danço com a sutileza das sensações Permitindo que a magia flua através de mimSinto ondas vibracionais percorrendo o meu corpo, despertando cada


Not feeling this full Moon energy everyone is excited about. I don’t know if it’s the accident, work stress, my friend’s suicidal ideation, or a

Buenas noches y Feliz Luna Llena a tod @s!Querida Diosa que hoy nos despiertas la intuición para poder recibir todas las señales del Universo,

To był bardzo roztańczony i pełen emocji weekend💃🔥🏆Kolejne Mistrzostwa Egurrola Dance Studio za mną💗⭐️Moje 3,4 i 5 letnie

Lemme tell y’all. The thing about doing the work is it doesn’t get easier because you know what’s up. But the process is always worth it

FULL MOON SAGITTARIUS 🏹Today marks the ending of a cycle, or a climax in your life. It is a potent time for manifestation. There may be a light

- A Beauty To Behold - 06/16/19 by W.PlambeckFrom within our cocoons, we shed our old ways to become new again. Awakening, like a butterfly. The


Get psyched about recycling! ♻️ Here at Naked we pride ourselves in saving the environment and the reducing litter and containers going to

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I've tried so many shampoos & conditioners in my life expensive & cheap ones but none compare to this one! Its amazing!! Makes Mias & my Elis curls so

Help create clarity in your life with daily use of The Create Journal.By creating clarity and desire you create organised effort and energy ✨

Today was just crazyyyy!!! Never been involved in anything like this.. feeling really blessed to experience this energy in Toronto rn


🌕 Hoy es noche de #lunallena !!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Recuerda poner a cargar tu cristal #Yoni en un recipiente con agua y sal marina en un

Regalar inspiraciónRegalar dedicaciónRegalar creatividadRegalar coloresRegalar tiempoRegalar cariñoRegalar calmaRegalar amorUn profundo

Thermocharge, the way to a renewable world 🌎

Every single good thought, word, step, movement matters — we are devout believers in small steps that become seismic strides — #MFLORENS___

🤚🏽 HAND REFLEXOLOGY 🤚🏽 Clients who dislike their feet being touched may assume this means they can’t enjoy reflexology. But did you know

To build the breath, work and exercise diligently. Buildstamina and discipline yourself.You will gain the flexibility combined with hardened flesh

Lo logré!! Lo terminé 😁 mi tan esperada y deseada mesa con mosaico. Fue un laaaaargo proyecto, años!! Dilatando, posponiendo, postergando...

#followforfollowback Sophia doing Yoga at Nissan stadium Friday — so dedicated, so enthusiastic; love these pictures — well done!!