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s[crap] 💀 this is rlly bad without a loop, but im tired 🥵⁣- dt: @loren ⁣- ac: dk ⁣- ib: uh idk ⁣- et: 20-25 mins ⁣⁣ #lorengray


We will soon be getting the option to edit our characters appearance such as our face and or body type. I'm super excited for this to come because I

💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖🌊🌷💖- #ariel


“Tee-hee. Despite my looks, I'm the Qleen... bleh. Ahem... the Queen of random knowledge." -Akane Kurashiki ---AC/HUGE IB: vs.chiaki (I love you

USE HEADPHONES(for a better experience)✧➯ #astherarct #sprousesexualgrprct1➯My new favorite💕✧App; am (Alight Motion)Ac;

‏- عناصر المتجر لهذا اليوم " ٢٧ مايو " 🔥..كود الأيتم شوب : (7RZ26E

"Theres gon' be some stuff you gon' see that's gon' make it hard to smile in the future. But through whatever you see, through all the rain and the

It’s offbeat Buh fuck it🥵————————————————— @loren @lorenxgray


🧛🏼‍♂️I never got into the #Twilight phenomenon, but I feel like if they had any ethnic #Vamps in the series, they might look like me. . I

@tayloralesia @tayloralesia.pt2 @alesiaamore I don’t have money to get me one of those light things but I really want one so bad & I’m guessing


She so down to earth and so iconic. So is cole. They don't act like they are better then everyone. They are perfect humans 💙•••

Sorry it’s not the best I don’t have the right tools right now, but I hope you like it💚💙•••••• #edits #edit #editz

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If Taiga isnt a best girl, I dont know what is大概 = TaigaFollow me @_kuro.hana_ Anime: ToradoraSong: nothing left - SongstressIgnore the

Here is one of my projects in my Digital Makeup class. We had to do an exorsit project and I decided to pick one of my favorite actors that I look up


Half of my heart is in havana ♥️

" Even though were far away from each other, we still have a sonnection between us"-Anonymous @alightmotioncolour for the coloring #Edit


Baby Girl Why You So Mysterious 🧚🏻‍♀️......Photo by: @lee_jeffries Song: Mysterious by Andy Case

Scydia Editbase💟🌻.-Edit base with colouring- #!F4VDmABZ!4MjZSAMmpXnI6e0BnAv61ZpOySgd_lNc7ibnpGA40zc-Comment requests-Please

— thinking about you

look at my wifeee—i call everyone my wife or husband whoops guess im a hoe @natalinanoel