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Scopin these fried Oreos tho


At IIP, our endeavour has always been to keep our students abreast with the changing trends in photography learning. As we leave no stone unturned to

Love •••••(C)INSIDE•LENS Gallery of Photography, 2019. Full of Dreams (Across the Universe)••••••••••

A year ago I probably would have been enjoying my porch or garden, with a pack of smokes and probably too many drinks. The last year was a crazy,

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Untuk Mencapai IMPIAN yg lebih Besar tentu saja diperlukan team yg dpt bekerja sama dgn baik. Tanpa team, kita hanya bisa mencapai hal-hal kecil saja

Don't fake it till you make it dear... In this space we faith it all the way out till we make it!.. --...... #faith #inspirationalquotes

Last year a quintessential #LosAngeles experience was born. @lafc Arrive early, shop for gear at @lafchq, party with the supporter groups at Christmas

The newest addition to my family! The Samson Q7X dynamic microphone for when I’m on the go!! 🎶🎵🔥💯 #music #musician #studio


Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.Follow us @RastaEmpire

Day 308 with the new heart and here we go into our final show. If ever there was moment that defined this word, this is it.Thank you to my

And #dreams become more and more real. A beautiful scene, perhaps the most beautiful, because they are beautiful, especially the way they look at each


*Pastel de tres leches 🍰 *Postre frío de frutas 🍓*Empanadas de pollo, res, papa con carne de res 🍞*Encurtidos piezas enteras y en

*Bote de encurtido piezas enteras tamaño mediano *Bote pequeño de encurtidos en escabeche (trocitos)producto 💯 natural sin preservantes

Postre frío de frutas 🍓

Orion - the Hunter - is a prominent constellation, perhaps the best known of the sky. Its bright and visible stars from both hemispheres make this

Our Moon 🌘 in all its glory is seen in this image captured by European Space Agency (europeanspaceagency) from the vantage point of the

That was an amazing footage of spaceX falcon 9 rocket launch from October 8, 2018


This is Pleiades aka messier 45; an open star cluster with hot B-type stars within the constellation Taurus. It’s one of the closest star clusters

It seems like the general consensus around the world is that things are getting worse. I think this interpretation is simply a result of the fact that

"Mankind was born on Earth it was never meant to die here.”- 🌏🌘🛰....'....... 🚀🌌✨🌍--If you ask me if Humanity will at some

First lesson :- "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” 🌏🌘🛰🧠☝🏼' --Prof

Profe. Feynman 📚📖-FOUR Productivity FEYNMAN- Strategies:-🌏🌘🛰🧠'! ✌️🤟'-l) Stop trying to know it all.II) Don't worry

Stephen Hawking: A message for Humanity🌏He gave the speech in front of a crowd of over 400 people ‪on Thursday evening‬, January 7, as part

A Cosmic Perspective is Empowering, Not Depressing🌏🌘🛰🌌🛰🧠'..I assert that if you are depressed after learning and being exposed to

The perfect place to eat seafood in Chicago is at a restaurant by Lake Michigan with a really nice view of Chicago skyline..It was quite windy in


I really just want to be the sunshine that pours warmly all over everyone I love. 🥰☀️...

“Hello gorgeous!” 🌸Always look on the pink side of life! ...

Looking back on how my fashion style was five years ago, I can’t believe how much fashion has changed in so little time. Globalization allows us to

Visita y avistaje de ballenas en Puerto Madryn y Península Valdés. Disfrutamos de los avistajes embarcados que parten desde Puerto Pirámides. Y