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“A virtuoso drawer, Diebenkorn seamlessly moved from graphite to ballpoint, crayon to charcoal, pastel to gouache, conveying the momentary mood and

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Reading the scripture and delving deeper into the stories of the women I am portraying in the Celebration of Easter is giving such gravity and

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Hay veces en las que me desespero al ver lo mucho que práctico y no veo avances y otras veces pienso que deberia tomarme las cosas más con calma y

Omo being all cutesy on a carnival date

More ooold throwback comicbook stuff. Another unfinished project. Drawn entirely in graphite on tracing paper in layers. With graphite textures laid

진행중인 등판 @블랙&그레이상담 DMKakaotalk: ms7love

Any artists following? ✍🏼My happy lil Bell Pepper! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀This drawing reminds me of Jessica

Raffle prize for @ pantysnatcher 💕

It’s time “Wandering Essence” wandered into someone else’s home so I’m doing a studio giveaway. Rules: one entry for every step you

Gouache illustration -- The Engineer's Apprentice -- illustration for class (It be my boy ... Emlyn.... Workin on a fancy time monitoring machine)

One of my buddy's Cam has gotten cancer he is doing great and feeling great. There family asked me to make a logo for them, this is what I came up

sometimes you have to look from another side to the world around you...PERSPEKTYWAA ART2019images are a reflection of emotionsthey remind, teach,

You have the thing I love | But the need in me is way too much | If I open wide | One of us may get lost inside | Me or you | One of us is going to |

El concurso #dospibesparacirce concluyo y de ahi salieron estas dos bellezas. El rubio hijo de Jackie es Will (de @lady._nella ) y el hijo de Janna es

Got to draw for about half an hour today... sigh. Anyway, thought you might like to see the set up and progress.

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Tô sem folhas, então terminar as artes inacabadas e o jeito 😂♥️🤟🌼🌻🖌️📸🖼️ MATERIAIS 🖌️ @prismacolor premier pencils

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