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Digital art.... is that you? 🤔🙃I already told y’all that I love to draw, so do act surprised. She is NOT my main oc, and she is NOT a good

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Eternità. Proprio in quel momento, in cui i due divennero uno, il tempo si fermò e le angosce cessarono. V’è però un senso di precarietà che fa

.仕事中 大田泰示選手のジャイアンツ時代の応援歌を口ずさみますよ.明日も穏やかに.. #1ニチ1クマ

Apologies fairy friends, I haven't been working on my figures lately because I have limited time and a new focus on health and fitness. But I will be

The date has finally arrived and now day 1 of @animalartbylaw 's Domestic Animal in Coloured Pencil course is nearly complete. Lisa is a highly

“O fogo que me envolve me consomeE renova o meu serSempre há vida em mimEm meio às minhas cinzas, eu despertoE do chão do desertoNasce uma

На самом деле только процесс🙂.Добрый вечер).А, как Ваши дела?)...Hello, it's me. Thanks

I have been inactive for a long time, I was in England for an internship on a sheep farm. 🐑 This was the view! It is messy, but it is my first

Me and my baby 💕I honestly can’t explain how important my cat is to me. I’ve never felt so connected to an animal and she is the cutest most

Fanart my friend's OC Katsumi!!!!Her O.C looks awesome TAT #Katsumi #fanart #traditionalart #wip #inking #animeboy #mangastyle #drawing #art

🌿울집 앞에 싱그럽고 상쾌해지는 식물원 카페가 있다.거기가면 꽃,작은 나무들이 가득해서 편안하고 맑아진다.모임이 거기서 잠깐 있었는데 어떤 집사님께서 자기 꽃도 사시면서 저 식물을 선물해주셨다.일주일에 한번 물을주고 여름에는 2-3일에 한번 물을 주라고 했다. #식물 #열매 #그리기 #수채화일러스트 #수채화 #수채화그림 #수채화일기 #아트 #맑음의그림 #그림 #그림스타그램 #손그림 #손그림일러스트 #손그림스타그램 #드로잉 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolour #watercolorskech #art #illust #illustration #drawing #draw #beautiful #plant #likeforlikes

Sirens!! I drew the first one as what a normal one would look like and the second one is one of my siren ocs

hi im rly proud of my improvement

These books are a GAME CHANGER! ☝️Do you have students who are reluctant to add detailed illustrations to their writing because they don't think

More simple environment doodles.  I tend to do these rough drawings in my lunch breaks 😄 this is of Wadi Rum, Jordan. I just got back from a

2017г what animal do you associate yourself with?🦙С каким животным ты себя ассоциируешь? Почему?😯

ط"Life is too short to be anything but happy, Love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything with no regrets, Forget the past with