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Apparently it’s “golden hour” 🌞

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Every time I put the pen down and set my alarm to wake up and go to work the next day..g'nite errybody..tag a Muse you think I should draw next time I

messing around n stuffcomment what u think 😃🖤

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Chill, don't tweet me. It's pathetic 🔥

From government cheese to 100Gs a week. Can't flash the heat, I'm in to deep. The teams depending on me, who's gonna feed if I don't feed 🤑 #new

I know it's you, your afraid to face the truth, fear in your heart, your afraid to move, my brother, my brother ⚫💔 #new #musician #instagood

The world keeps spinning, you said it's miscommunication, but we both lack understanding, trust issues from fake friends left us stranded, I love you

It’s not a skill it’s an art attempt at a 12 inch one 😂😂✌️.. @mckinlay3449 . (follow if you like loads more to come) ..