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Its almost the end of the month during whichwe are giving back. All Saints Home provide support for people with dementia. By becoming a member of

Hello Everyone 👋 It’s me! Vixova! First off I’d like to welcome everyone to my Instagram! Those who came from Reddit! Those who came from here

Marty was living in complete squalor, left for dead. He had open sores on his hips and legs, something we often see when animals are emaciated and


WOW! What an amazing event at One-2-One Bar last week! 🍕🎸There were some incredible performances from our student and teacher bands and music


Guapísimas 😍🙏🙌❤ #Repost @losangelesenmexico "Alone we can do so little, together we can wonders! Do you already have your t-shirt, hoodie

Our May meeting is live! Join us 05/14 to learn all about service etiquette. Debbie Thomas CDP CSEP is the founder of School of the Service Arts and

En esta oportunidad nos fuimos al Hospital Oncológico Luis Razzetti de Caracas - Venezuela a visitar y llevar algunos donativos a niños que se

Willow is a very personal restaurant for the both of us. So much has gone into building and maintaining this space, but it would be for nothing if

I’m blessed to be a part of this foundation and not just a part but Allah swt has given be the honor of being a decision maker as well. I don’t

It is easier than you think to recycle your old clothing! Not only do organizations like Salvation Army and Big Brothers Big Sisters accept clothing

The #donation item of the week is: Towels! Help us clean up after our shelter bunnies by providing towels. P.S. Congratulations to Zues (now Leo) for

Our objective is to make the biggest impact possible with your generous donation dollars! #bebraveforlife


I’m excited to announce that InterKids Arabic book section has been enriched with a donation from the embassy of Jordan!In fact, the embassy

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our wonderful clients that participated in our Easter Eggstravaganza this year! We were able to raise a grand total of $

A time to plant! We were very #grateful to receive a #donation of 4 fruit trees! We have been busy this morning planting new life as well as 50 bulbs

"With the new water system, we will have water in time and have water everyday, so our businesses will be much easier. I won't have to start worrying

You’ve cat to be kitten me! 😻~We had the absolute pleasure of customizing these kitty necklaces for our friends at @safehaven4cats - these were

It’s still at £0.00 so far guys 😞 Hopefully over the next few days I can get that first donation in- no matter how big or small- link in the bio

Can you help? The Gunnedah district is suffering from a severe drought that has continued for several years. Individuals around Gunnedah with vision


Happy Guide Dog Day 🐶✨It is incredible how much one of these dogs can impact someone's life. We are proud to be helping doggy heroes bring

This weekend we we blessed to be able to pack 25 of these Bags of Hope. These are going to The BRI project, who will get them in the hands of parents

We at O. T THUNDERBOLT RECORDS LIMITED. Thank God for everything and l the program was successfully. All glory be to God. For all the OFC that come

Charity starts at home (Ripon, CA). This is one of my favorite groups to give to and is super special to me, so I made an insane package to donate.

We adopted our entire clan from @wagspetadoption and we couldn’t be happier with these 4 in our lives

5/4 #sat @ Address @l2loungedc #AsianNight"Where do you live?"🎟 on sale 4/26 9 AM⬇️ ..❗️Special Events❗️1. Free ticket for May

5/4 #sat @ Address @l2loungedc #AsianNight"Where do you live?"🎟 on sale 4/26 9 AM⬇️ ..❗️Special Events❗️1. Free ticket for May


There were only 5 bad oranges that caused all of these delicious oranges to be sent to the trash. What an incredible waste of time, money, energy, and

Our environment is our responsibility. The earth is s gift to us. It's provides all that we need. It's our duty to protect and preserve. To mark earth

And i stil am the ugliest mfucker on this platform 😂🙆🏽‍♂️--------------------------Follow @csgo.watermelon (me) for more!❤💙

From April 1 2019 - April 2020, 20% of proceeds from the Crown of Light Second Generation stack collection will be donated to Baby Haven Orphanage in

Bonitos por fuera y por dentro, ricos en experiencias y llenos de aprendizaje... ¿Que será? 🤔.Hoy 23 se Abril celebramos el día internacional

Alone we can do so little, together we can wonders! Do you already have your t-shirt, hoodie or tank top? Join the movement "Los Angeles en México",

We are looking for Bingo Volunteers!Send us a message if you or someone you know wants to spend some time with us at the bingo hall! #yql

Follow my new business account @therichatheart a nonprofit organization that represents INCLUSION. Our core values allow individuals with intellectual


🙌🏽 We are thrilled to announce our (first) newest sponsor for the 1st Annual Mindful Community Clean Up

On this #charitytuesday there is no bigger pride than to come home from a long shift at work and to have been given these 2 beauties from our

Yoga is for everybody! Our donation based yoga class is on every Wednesday morning @9.45am, where you can pay as little or as much as you can spare...

Most items have just been discounted to an extreme low. Need to clear everything out. Whatever isn’t purchased by this weekend will be donated. Link

Thank you to @iam_pinkpoodledresslounge for your generous contribution and support of Detroit Derby Brunch! Please visit Pink Poodle Dress Lounge for

At Project Feast, our apprentices get hands-on culinary training several days a week so that they are ready to launch into the next phase of their

🤗 Lean on in, what we have to share is pretty amazing! Since that day when John 🇺🇬 reached out to Lauren 🇦🇺 - many dedicated people

Incredible to see #venezuelaaidlive pulled off so spectacularly yesterday with nearly 350k people uniting behind one cause of raising awareness and

You guys have given us so much, and we would like to return the favor. The owner of Dainty Mane has pledged at least two a year. There are so many


It‘s already 42 degrees and no air conditioning in our rooms😅 There’s nothing better than a yummy ice cream to cheer up our children - a very

Bring Diapers -> get FREE coffee. We are partnered with @sosocialgirls and still collecting diapers for the Social Queens of @hopemansion . Bring in

Celebrate Earth Day with Goodwill by entering Goodwill's Earth Day Donation Challenge April 19 - April 29, 2019!⁣⁣Enter for your chance to WIN a

Cyclone Idai has triggered massive floods, displaced thousands in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and killed more than 200 people so far — a toll

Giving away some of the good stuff again, @givebloodnhs Can't beat a good excuse to eat biscuits😂🙈. If you haven’t donated before then give