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Some stuff was falling from the sky today. It sure tasted good! ❄️❄️❄️ May have been so excited i accidentally knocked mom over in that


Look at this cutie thanking me for taking her to the beach 😊 my son took this photo on our way to school.Our car is very sandy and doggy these

😇 not pictured: taking off on mom when the elevator opened to meet my new golden retriever friend. Spoiler alert: the golden wasn’t interested in

My father proudly served 20 years in the U.S. Navy as a physician, retiring in the 1970s as a Captain. To all of our veterans, I say “thank you”

Puppy ice cream makes me shiver... BUT it tastes like happiness 🥰 Happy Birthday (month, approximately!) to me!!! 🥳🥳... #puppy


Attention puppy lovers: we've got the girl for you! 💕Phoebe is estimated to be around 16 months old and can't wait to find a loving home! She is

My Mom has been really busy with work today, so her Dad had to stop in and give me my dinner and walk today. He even snapped a great picture of me!

GreatLittle MORENO---Thankyou Mrs Ayu, Jakarta ❤---Hope that Moreno brings Joy and smiles to the loving family 🥰.. #bichonfrise


Meet Mr Darcy, a truly dapper cat who enjoys the finer things in life. Have you, hooman, accepted your role as the servant yet? Send us your photos/

This week was rough! I decided to try and see who's teeth were harder and my incisors lost to Max's molars. I broke two of my front teeth down to the

Piper always asks to carry things so that she can feel like she’s working. She had this in her mouth for an hour without damaging or dropping it. 11


❤ㅡ #크리샤 #예쁘다넌꽃처럼이쁘다 #꽃냄새맡는크리샤 #크리샤엄마품속ㅡ🐶꽃냄새 좋아오😊 엄마 눈에 크리샤가 이떠오😀🐶ㅡㅋㅋㅋ앞을 보지 않아요🤣옆에 꽃에서 좋은 냄새가 나나봐요😁덕분에 분위기가 엄청납니다😊엄마도 챙겨주는 크리샤덕분에 든든합니다❣...ㅡ #꽃처럼이뻐크리샤 #엄마도그윽하게바라봐주고🙈 #크리샤덕분에엄마가호강해

Momma says I look just like a little panda bear! Do you guys agree? Let me know what you think below⬇️🐼🐾🌱○○○○

This picture captures the essence of a military dog and it's handler. So much love going on between these two soldiers. Heartwarming

When l’ll be old...🤔🐶 челендж «Как я буду выглядеть,когда состарюсь»🐶😂😂😂 #челендж


Oh the weather outside is frightful 😖I got my sweater my jacket, socks, shoes im ready 🙄 Oh man im not too crazzy bout dis weather... Bundle


I’ve had enough of your nonsense, Mama.

Watch how I almost devour my mum's phone 😂 Look at my wriggly nose too 😂😛

Bullydog swag cushion covers NOW AVAILABLE. Go to the link in my profile to order yours! Limited amount available and once off release!

Puppers it's cold outside! ❄️ Ellie Leal getting picked up from daycare! 🐶💙


Saaaaay...Peanut Butter! 🥜 @moxie.doodle cheesin' over her Peanut Butter Dual Layer Bone.


이초딩 신나벌임🕺🏻

hi this is ashes and she is a year and a half old pittie! isnt she gorgeous??? tell her shes pretty