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Monday mood ... Which is yours? •Stato d’animo del lunedì ...Qual è il vostro

Hey There Pretty Brown Eyes 💙••Our mama says carrots are good for our eyes. If that's the story she peddles so that we get some eggs works

Keeping Pets Healthy & Happy! year-round with our quality products here at our online pet supply store..🌟 Link in Bio. #petinstagram

Smiley Vala!

Happy Monday doggos 🐕

Nys coat 😍

How passive aggressive my cat is when the dog is here, meaning Freya needs to sleep elsewhere vs how smug Jessie is when she’s eventually gone home

Blep 👅🍖🐾

The face you make when your human says they have to leave you to go to work -- a little sadness and a little betrayal. #Mondays

Sister play

GEORGE LOPEZ...deserves a wonderful furever home! George needs a home with at least one other dog who likes to play as he is only 16 months old.

Meet “Shannon” our beautiful Yoranian who is in search of his forever home! His unique markings and sweet personality certainly make him one of a

The world does revolve around you when you’re this cute. #becute #belikepenny{ @pennydepuppo}⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀📍PRE-ORDER your

Ezra-the-service-pup-in-training⁣⁣Saving a spot for lunch....⁣Shiloh-Beau litter⁣⁣DOODLE PHOTO OF THE DAY - I ❤ MY DOODLE

~📷: @hudsonsadventurezSelected by: @monicasissonCongrats @hudsonsadventurez — you’re a #bestwoof! Thank you for sharing your woof with us

Ne yapayım kedilerim silinmiş. 🤷🏻 Onlarsız olmaz.. 🙃😺.......... #ig_turkey  #ig_daily #ig_today #ig_world_colors 

I love hiding in the closet ☺️

Not a morning person 🌅☕️💤

Look guys! Look at my friends on the #norfolkcavs meet up yesterday, beautiful weather and pups! 🎩 was much more interested in his ball and missed

Not warm enough for a swim yet, but Bear is getting his paws wet. A good sign that spring weather is coming soon! 😊🐻❤️.....Check out

Mondays are like a scooter to the ankle — trick is, if you just spread yourself on the floor all day, it’s like it never happened......

Put your paws in the air! 🐾😍W/ @cocothemaltesedogTag your best friends 👇👇👇 #tinyanmls

Happy #nationalpuppyday from Isabella Jane, who is now spoiled by her new doggie sling and lives close to her mama's heart daily 💕 (We moved

Big floofy body=Big floofy head🐶🐕🐕📸: IPhone XS Max___________________P.T.: #CosmicFalcon

The full spectrum of dogs. ⁣⁣We could all learn from their inclusivity of creatures different from them. ⁣⁣📸: @cramer.11

Meet Ziggy, our newest board and train. He has multiple bites on his record including both human and dog. He is a high strung dog who displays a lot

I’m late.... Morning management meeting. 👉🚦🐝...