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My dog mom took my stick and now she is just staring at the sea dramatically. Humans are weird sometimes 😯🐾... #gsd #dog #germanshepherd


Skully, the Belgian Malinois being a good boy for his puppy visit! Maybe by his next visit we'll have 2 ears up! 🐕❤ .......

Floofy crew!


Happy National Rescue Dog Day from our furever family to yours ❤🐶

still depressed about last night’s #gameofthrones finale? here’s a pic of my dog blinking during a photo to cheer you up 😭😍

Posing tip: demonstrate good posture 😛🐾Dica para um boa foto: melhore a postura, mantenha as costas eretas, barriga para dentro e peito para 

A much needed taste of summer ☀️

🙌 How many do u have 🐾 ?⠀➖⠀⠀➖⠀🥃 Credit to @wanderlust_samoyed⠀➖⠀⠀➖⠀ ⠀➖⠀⠀➖⠀⠀➖⠀

Peek-a-boo I see you Bodie!

Luna is doing extremely well with her e-collar training! She ran off leash at a local agility field today, she ran after a bird and after only a bleed


Every puppy party comes complete with 75 stuffed animals watching a dog movie, chocolate chip cookies, and this guy. 💙👦🏼🐶 {Im starting to

One of the greatest joys in life: a solid afternoon nap 🥰 I am exhausted just looking at them 😂 TBT to the snuggliest of the snuggles

Me and House Stark have been dealing with the mean Night King tonight while waiting for my humans to put on the Game of Thrones finale 😜 Can’t

🐕😍 Gorgeous Gary is only three years old, but has spent a third of his life waiting patiently for a new home 😔 He's become a permanent

If you can dance then you can definitely correct a dog properly. ..When we provide a correction to a dog that’s applying punishment and a dog


That was some delicious watermelon! I want moreeee!T^T

Giving MaMa my dirty glare during Raptors double over time! It's QUIET hour hooman!! 😡😡😡.......... #dog #puppy #Pomeranian #cute

Today is National Rescue Dog Day! Here’s my 2 rescue dogs...Bubba and Silkie. I encourage anyone to look for their furever friend at a shelter...


Happy #nationalrescuedogday everyone! This is me taking my 'walk of freedom' from the shelter back in December of 2016! ➡️➡️ swipe to see me

Snow var også med, men istedet for en badetur tog hun en løbetur med en ny ven og derefter var det tid til afslapning🐶❤️ #snow #danskspids

#modelcomfortanimal is my official title and if I do say so myself I do a pretty good job. I found out I have a thing for Aussie babes when I met

❣️M A G G I E❣️...This beautiful and brave girl's journey really touched me and so I am honored to paint her portrait. Maggie has endured

#metajuju ⠀ #kundalini⠀ #yoga⠀ #meditation⠀ #fashion⠀ #gemrx⠀ #astro⠀ #dogsofinstagram⠀ #dogsofig⠀ #joyandstyle

It's raining⛈


Just another #mancrushmondayCuz that’s my fun dayMy “I get to go to the dog park and run” day #remix

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”.But am I saying “Mom, I love you more than anything!” Or “Can I

Mom forgot to shut my crate door this morning, so I took the opportunity to join Shrek’s soul to my own. We are a part of each other now, and we

Pictured: Happy pup covered in sand enjoying her time with all the weeniesNot pictured: Little hooman covered in sand from all the fun holes I’ve


I’ve always admired the people who make their own dog food. You can control what’s in it + make sure they’re getting everything they need that

What a beautiful day! I’m just munching on some watermelon as the birds chirp in the background

Sleep, stretch, sleep - repeat.

hehe mams thinks I’m the cutest when I do this 🖤

“I don’t recall being called a nosy neighbor.” 😬 #truthhurts -G