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Just so you know, this was all dad’s idea and he made me sign the card. 😋Repost by @spankythepug➖Follow me :➡ @pugloversgram For More

〈4048-52〉ミニオンパターン 前席用シートカバーカラー展開/ホワイト¥7,020(税込)BF No.52-6

Completely missed National Puppy Day 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ 👉 @christylynn0508 showing off her late baby boy

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welaxin’ 🌴

Such a sleepy boy when my momma comes home 😴💙

TFW you climb on the couch to lay next to your love interest and she gets up and walks away. 🐾🐼 Rejection is tough when you’re just a love

Almost a year ago our sweet Pumba passed away. We still miss him a lot , and remember how much he enjoyed PetPet®️massages. .....

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bed time😍🐶

〈4048-26〉ミニオンパターン 軽・コンパクトカー後席用 (シートベルト対応)カラー展開/ホワイト¥7,020

Serious faces on 😎

Penny taking in the scene during our afternoon leash practice...She was pretty started by the semi trucks driving by so resting here is a great way

Em toda relação há um sonhador! Aqui em casa a sonhadora é a Fifi , a Fofa 💖. Quinze anos e cheia de saúde e energia 🙏🏻.In every

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mucha gente me felicita por lo que estoy haciendo por ti.. me dicen que soy una persona increíble, llena de fuerza y de amor, que soy la mejor mam

Ford have created a prototype kennel that is noise cancelling! It seems perfect for reducing anxiety in dogs that are afraid of fireworks and loud

Hey les gars, je prends le contrôle du feed, regardez 😎 j'vais devenir le #model de ce compte si ça continue, mouahah !. #dogstagram #dogmodel

.🇬🇧🇺🇸 I am thinking about taxes, quantum physics and gluten-free dog’s food 😀.🇵🇱 Rozmyślam nad podatkami, fizyką kwantow

Este neném late p não deixar visita desconhecida entrar e late sem parar pros vizinhos e doguinhos do condomínio. Este neném é o típico lhasa

Nothing like a dog and her man cub. It’s a special bond that is strengthened when they answer the call of the wild together!👦🏽🐰

Ever wondered what your fluffy family members are getting up to when you’re not around? ..GIVEAWAY!We had some fun with @reolinkcams . The

Saving just one dog won't save the world... But surely it will change the world for that one dog... Being Boscos owner is a dream 😍 He's my best

You set your eyes on me and excitedly told my hooman about me and my two other brothers. You lovingly carried me in the pet shop. Thank you to you,

A gente não quer saber se a caminha foi cara ou barata... A gente quer ficar onde a mamãe está...♥️... #gratidao #boanoite #bomdia☀️

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your life for the loved ones to have better life. Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to

My Baby Girls now turned 2 today. Happy Birthday 😍😍

:🎂🎉.是日年初七,人人生日!.Happy birthday to everyone!Pls continue to smile everyday!... #uglyduckling #selfie