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Woooo sind die 🐄??? 🤨🤓..Heute ist so typisches April Wetter... Sonne ☀ Regen ☔ Sonne ☀ Regen ☔ und Sturm 🌪.. Wir hatten zum Glü

GEORGE LOPEZ...deserves a wonderful furever home! George needs a home with at least one other dog who likes to play as he is only 16 months old.

Meet “Shannon” our beautiful Yoranian who is in search of his forever home! His unique markings and sweet personality certainly make him one of a

Saturday was National Puppy Day and I met Warrior Canine Connection ‘s Tricia on Sunday so.....Here She Is! She is PERFECT! So very smart and sweet

One of the best ways that we could get our human sista’s attention is staring at her with our cute and furry faces💜

Брать индивидуальные занятия с инструктором-кинологом мы начали с 4

This is the side window of our jeep (yes the pawrents bought us a jeep because we're BIG); we prefer to stick our heads out the sunroom but mom says

“You are strong, you are smart, you are the handsomest 💁🏻‍♀️” writes @hugoandursula. Comment Below!Join @dogs.panel for amazing

[🇩🇪Werbung]⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Die zuckersüße Penny und Ihr ebenso hübscher “Brother from another Mother” Cooper

お友達のハンクくんと河童屋台所(カッパヤキッチン)さんに行ってきました🐶わんちゃん連れはテラス席になりますがテラスからの眺めが最高でランチもとっても美味しかったです👍‼️今日は生憎の曇り空で肌寒かったけど今度は暖かい日にまたお邪魔したいです🎵* #テラス席ワンコok #洋食 #ランチ #神戸 #トイプードルレッド #トイプー #トイプードル #犬好きな人と繋がりたい #dogsofinstagram #toypoodle #poodle #doglover #dogs_of_instagram #dogs #instadog #toypoodlelove #doglife #わんこ #一眼レフ #カメラ女子 #dogoftheday #petstagram #いぬ #犬 #ふわもこ部 #いぬすたぐらむ #犬のいる暮らし

I was given training on how to be a adventure dog. I wasn't trained on how to model. Let's just say that came naturally. *Woofs & Winks* 📷:

Spring is here! 🐾

Alles neu!💛Die gesamte Vaisto Auswahl wurde diesen Frühling auf neusten Stand gebracht! Seid mutig und probiert es Mal. Oder nehmt einfach an dem

Clever boy :))

Wonderful video SHARE this cute video with your friends🐶❤ #Follow us:- for more pic #via @thebatmanpug #dogsofinstagram

Yummy Aliens ! 🐠🐶☺🍴👾🍎🍎🍎 Fun to Swipe 🍎🍎🍎(Swipe and Read, please !)*🐠1. Using my Telepathy, I can Call Aliens !

Thanks to the Dragon 💐🐲👶💖🍎🍎🍎Fun to Swipe🍎🍎🍎(Swipe and Read, please !)*🐶1. Hey, Mom ! 💚😆💚😄💚🐶2.

How many Mickeys ?! <6>☝✌👌🐮🍎🍎🍎Fun to Swipe🍎🍎🍎(Beef bowl) 🐶🔎🐮❤Let’s Play ‘ How many Mickeys

Spot Differences 6 (Toast) 🐶🔎🍞❤🍎🍎🍎Fun to Swipe🍎🍎🍎(Swipe and Play, please !)*🐶Let’s Play ‘Spot Differences’ <

Spot Differences 2 (River)🐶🔎❤🚤🍎🍎🍎Fun to Swipe🍎🍎🍎(Swipe and Play, please !)🐶Let’s Play ‘Spot Differences’ in