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Two Worlds😍🐶 Cachorro disponible.2 meses de edad.Listo para entregar.—————————————————————- #husky

Someone had their first public restaurant outing! He did wonderful and stayed sitting at our feet the entire time. No crying, no begging, nothing!

Oh-Kay doggos lets get inFURmation 😁 🐕🐩🐕🐩⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Wait a minute— where did @mochithebombpom go

Penteados modernos para seu dog arrasar!Anote na sua agenda 16 Abril, grande Inauguração, em breve novidades! * Pet Creche * Pet Shop *

Em 2017 um cão no Canadá, foi para o Guinness Book por bater o recorde em tempo estourando 100 balões, Toby fez essa façanha em 36,53 segundos

Alright so incase you didn't get the name of Skits he has Schizophrenia... yep creative I know.Anyways in the story skits realizes he has the ability

Olá amigos! Graças a Deus e a ajuda de todos vocês, o Juca está progredindo. Ele já está conseguindo caminhar depois de algumas sessões de

Happy First Day of Spring! 🌸🐰🐣 I got my new Spring @m.o.b.ties bandana on! #ByeByeWinter #MOBtiesByMilo..So there was a thunderstorm ⛈

Welcoming Gus to our little family! Gus is a beautiful deaf Aussie pup and we’re so blessed to have adopted him. ❤️

Bros and balls for life 🐶🐼🎾

If we show emotion we call "dramatic" us.. And when we're too good, there's something wrong with us.But a woman running a marathon was crazyA

He loves me even without makeup on, you have my heart, my little big man ❤️

decided it was mean to keep my smushiness from the world... hello hoomans the name’s otis

#첫줄 :).집에 댕댕이 키우면서도바깥에 다니는 댕댕이들 보면 그냥 못지나치는 나☺..