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I’ve been struggling with completing entire pieces lately so my sister @ciaraerenee suggested using a mood board for a drawing so I know where I’m


Splashed Ason Neon A -


‘s art.rRiIIpPeh quality fUcKI drew Kuki and FP together. FP is @poptttart stuffed animal and Kuki is my cat. I hope you like them

She looks like the real thing. She tastes like the real thing. My fake plastic love.And I can't help the feeling. I could blow through the ceiling

Desert•Swipe to see materials used.••••••••••Software used: Photoshop CC 2019 and Lightroom @xceptionaledits

Across the water✨✨ I forgot what nature looked like the last year. This crazy image by @zendz35_ feels like when I saw open ocean again. On the


#Repost Another fantastic picture from @daniel_tvedtI really enjoy portraying this jedi warrior 😄・・・Across the arctic fields she wanders



Finished this piece of Shuu 💖. He's the only anime character I know that shares the same birthday as me 😆. I really enjoyed doing this so hope

O que fazemos é arte para sua alma e sua casa. | AHRMONY - ARTE THINK _______________________________Arte: @marcosgalpProjeto feito para

People hurt you and then act out seems like you hurt them

Today's feature 🌎📷.Shooter: @w.vv.vvSelected by: @Samuel_Adeleke..Follow us and tag #PhotographyEmpire to be featured.• Founder •


Halluw, endlich mal wieder ein neues Bild. Ich sitz gerade draußen und genieße das schöne Wetter. Ansonsten hab ich gerade Gemüse angeplanzt und

A luta não para, até o dia em que pessoas que acreditam no racismo "raro" continuem no poder. Salve o dia de hoje, porque todo dia é dia de preto

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What a beautiful day! The UK has been particularly lucky of late with gorgeous weather. How are you spending your bank holiday weekend


~Krainox un destructor con un poder que aún no maneja bien sólo saca chispas de sus dedos con un alto poder de destruir apenas pequeñas cosas (aún

I always think, the picture I made will not be better than you, but every picture I draw will have its own meaning.thanks for @unsplash and

Oh, take me #back to the #night we met ,... I had all and then most of youSome and now none of youTake me back to the night we metI don't

Hold tight for more such amazing works! Repost @meherabarsalan• • • • • •Celestial Tide....Swipe to see the process....

короче #референс вверху то, что любит, внизу то, что ненавидит. логично в принципе :^по некоторым причинам мне пришлось поменять ей имя и расу, отныне она: Тима Этинггер а ещё я хочу вести профиль в таком стиле(?), но знаю что не получится :^) °°° #art #arts #artist #arter #myart #traditional #traditionalart #drawingart #drawing #reference : #арт #артер #рисунок #традишка #традишиналарт : #ос #ocs #myoc : #диджитал #диджиталарт #digital #digitalart #digitallyart : #cute #kawaii #l4l

//Reach out for your dreams.•Swipe to see materials used.••••••••••Time Spent: 1 hour 4 minutes.Software used:

“I PITY THE FOO!!!” ✊🏽 I’ve been meaning to draw Mr. T for a week so and I’m glad I did! This dude was a legend to me when I was a kid.

Жми ❤️, не сложно же 🙂Также если будет много сохранений то выложу видео где покажу как сделать подобное видео🤗