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A little sketch of somewhere that looks like it might be a bit cooler and less humid than Rochester and it’s not even that hot and humid (not a fan


Vorrei sapere come interpretereste questa illustrazione... che vi trasmette? A cosa vi fa pensare?L’ho fatta nel mezzo della notte.. mi sono

"Parla con un personaggio di BE" oggi tocca a Sandro, il fratellino di Ania! Cosa vorreste dirgli o chiedergli se fosse reale e potesse rispondervi?

This mark belongs to the Sequoia's clan. They use it during ceremonies where they celebrate Gratitude and Hope. They celebrate Dawn. This symbol

Art Trade/Collab With @the_frisky_frisk_113 !! Ahh this was so fun to do!! And I loved how this turned out! Go check them out! And support em

I’m so tired


Tigerclaw! I hope you enjoy this drawing ! I had a debate wether to have the tongue or not , but I added it anyway ! All be adding it on the Warriors

"Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost" - Erol Ozan. ......  #vaporwaves  #outrun  #synthwave  #vaporwave 


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Anybody seen this yet? I believe it's a movie. I haven't watched any Pokemon movie tho. 😅 Imma make a plan to watch the Hoenn ones if possible

Practising on how I paint skintones

✨ Come introdotto nel precedente post: se tutto è arte, qual è il ruolo dell'Artista? L'autore diventa essenziale per proclamare l'oggetto arte.

Carte signée par Sean Schemmel :Sean Christian Schemmel est un doubleur travaillant pour la Funimation. 📌 Il a doublé Goku, Kaiō-sama, Nail


Time for umbreon ♡♡This one was very challenging since I needed to stick to dark colors as much as possible at the sime time I searched for dark

through the late night 🌑

Another piece from my French Revolution project showing the contrast between the rich and the poor. Full post on Artstation. #conceptart #art

Heidi and Thea!


Arte Digital Abstracto - Composición 2422 NDo You like Abstract Digital Art? You can Also look here to find interesting works! @flying.wulf #art

Group assignment :D

Вот, наконец, я и сделала свой первый бесшовный паттерн))) увлекательное занятие , почти медитация))) кстати, его можно получить бесплатно, пишите в директ))) Всем добра!!!

Dori's Lament

Love your sneakers.Selamat malam kawanua BSL. Tetap semangat dimanapun berada. .. .. .-Alamat: Jalan wolter mongisidi 6 Kelurahan bahu lingkungan

my fav scene from @billieeilish “bad guy” <3 background didn’t come out great but it’ll do :))•tag billie in the comments !••

I've tried out digital painting again and created this wolf! Obviously there's a room for improvement but I hope you like it ❤ #digitalart


Fixed my old drawing of @billieeilish 😭🖤 hope you love it 🤩😭💞 I love you so much @billieeilish😭❤️❤️ please it would mean the

Lunchtime already...and suddenly, right on queue. Thanks to @wilbbur for being our @cartissiart model with a pink you could just eat! #pink 🍴

Do y’all love it 😊 ?? Share your opinion in the comments 😉🖤.swiiipeee for vid so so so sorry for being inactive for so much

Spending the long weekend working on some new releases and enjoying well deserved breaks.

. New digital drawing heheh , do you like it ?) 😅😬😂😂..The original sketch by @_.alia_alia._ ..... #art #arts #digitalart