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Urban development & nature - what's important for the everyday's life of citizen is e.g. accessibility; functioning infrastructure, pedestrians and

...about last night - ‘the realest conversations take place in a parked car’... preferably at night!!! 🌌🥰 #TheBest #MyFav 😊 —

The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out;

@fullsail visited Philly today for a student meet up. It was great, I met some Full Sail Graduates, and seen some future students. It was fun. #Philly

Reposting: @brazosvalleyedc⠀Check out best-selling author, viral video sensation and former Texas A&M University professor Dr. Rick Rigsby. He

After studying the Dijkstra Algorithm, I felling a tiny difficult for to implement it, so I found a great video in YouTube with a nice explication and

Who are your preferred mentors and leaders? Our's are the best of the best! Paving the wave of success in personnel development and lifestyle... much


👉The Work,The Recovery,The ResultsBottom line... The purpose of a trainer or coach is to help push your limits and show you how to gain confidence

Do you want an AWESOME website designed for only $125!?!? I can get it done in 4-5 days, and it will look amazing. DM me if interested!! #website #web

Helping people transition whether it be their first home or down sizing from their beloved family home; you need to be understanding, caring and

Word searches created to provide fun input for the 11-12 and higher education Italian language lessons. With solutions.Click on the link in the

Weekend and Personal Projects🚀 I spent my whole day to find out algorithm of difference between two dates and apply this to each object in database

Some development work for an upcoming project. —Independent bone skeleton and Kinect data working together to create a more realistic movement

Seeing double ?Sometimes it makes more sense to have two islands in a kitchen and with a smart layout and configuration, two islands can improve a

💡 Rareiio’s talented team is the best there is. Creating the best projects, at speeds you have never experienced before, to make your idea an

Mixing glazes is such a hustle for me because I am not very structured when it comes to lab work. I spent almost two days on these few samples, but

Are you looking for learn how to pronounce like a native speaker in Spanish? Do you know somebody who needs or would like to speak Spanish?With this

Begin with the vowels and syllables, learn to pronounce in Spanish and read anything that you need.With this course you really will learn to speak

Would you like to read any word in Spanish language? Now with this course you will be able to read easily words like: "Amor, trabajo, esperanza, color

Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) and it’s friends - Porta Nuova district, Milan. The development consists of 3 tower houses of 900 trees, 5,000