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Look at the dudes 😭💖 @kitten.kinsey spent time out of their day to make me this super cute digital icon! I absolutely love it!!💖💖💖

OML LOOK WHAT @salt_licker_ GIFTED MY EYES💖💕💖💕👏 thank you so much I absolutely love your style and it was so sweet of you to test your

My finished half of a trade from the beginning of this month! This was so cool to do as I had originally designed both of these characters they

I'm still super busy with coms rn since some stuff popped up so I dont have anything to post yet. Enjoy another care bear pic I didn't post from last

I CAN'T BELIEVE I NEVER POSTED THIS!? I gifted my mans this card a little passed my birthday unlike I had planned but I love it so much! I'm so proud

Getting there👌 ,I'm actually learning a lot on this head and cant wait to use some techniques on my next coms!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

IMPORTANT:As spring break approaches please understand I wont be answering PMS as fast or much in general. I love talking to everyone but I'm

@me everytime I bring more carebear stuff into my room then ACTUALLY LOOK AT MY ROOM😂 (Also yes this is a face reveal in a way! It was recently

Last few shirts being made! Thank you for everyone who has ordered our pre-order shirts! Just a few slots left!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

Thank you to my bff in art class for making this for my birthday 😂👌 I'll never forget how much fun it was to bake him💖💖💖

WOW LOOK AT OUR BOI!Hes definitely had a glow up since his last birthday in 2018! Happy birthday Vegeta!!👏👏😭💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

I just found out I have the same birthday as my childhood hero/ idol, not gonna lie but im crying rn 😭💖💖💖His work inspired be as a kid to

OMG ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!? Happy birthday to Vegeta and me! I couldn't have made it this far without my family's guidance and support, thank you to

Sneak peek of the sketch I posted yesterday on my boyfriend and my persona! I decided to add more and color it! (Will be posting tomorrow or Saturday

Check out this amazing birthday art I got as a gift from @grump.png 😭😭😭💖 I love everything about it! Their style is so good to omg

(Free shipping in the US) 💖💕Pre-Orders post!💕💖 Pre-orders are now open and ready to be snatched! If you have any questions about sizes,

Thank you mom for letting me wake up to such a crazy suprize! I cant wait to eat everything and you probably wont get the container back bc I'm

My lil brother really loves his shirt! I'm so touched that he likes Vegeta enough to wear his shirt to school 😭 absolutely love my cool lil broski

BAM! Finally some personal art! New bio I made myself! I haven't thought of a name yet but I do know I want it to be fruit based like Cherry or Mango

💖💕PRE-ORDER POST💕💖 (Pre-orders are now open! Check previous post!)💖💖(5 slots open)💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

💖💕Pre-Orders post!💕💖 Pre-orders are now open and ready to be snatched! If you have any questions about sizes, washing, shipping, and

💖💕Updated ref for ya boi!💕💖(Art and edits by me, background is official care bear art) 💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

New custom made care bear collar I have! Made by the lovely "My Mutt Macy" on fb! Highly recommended imo!!!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta