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Feet come wip! I'm finishing these this week and them moving onto a partial commission I'm also super excited for!! Com for @bleach.guts !(Featuring

Amazing art by @pawz_monster ! I'm so honored to be a maker that they think highly of it means so much to me. Thank you so so much for your unlimited

@nightmaretaco1 you're like my best friend in the whole world and I love when we suprize eachother with art or collab fun ideas! The fact that you sat


Look what @tazz_raspberry suprized me with yall! My boy looks so proud and the flag colors pop so amazingly!!😭 ima cry I absolutely love it thank

💖💕Headshot for @bleach.guts !💕💖I'm honestly so dang proud of this! He looks so stunning in my digital art!! I had such an amazing time

💕💖Plushie digital art!💖💕Digital art I've been working on during 10min breaks at Driving School! I decided to draw my favorite care bear


Some more close up pics! His bindblowing high quality only pushes me to see if I can go even further! Working with @bleach.guts has been an amazing

Some of my favorite pics from the video I posted! Head commission for @bleach.guts !💖💖💕💖FINISHED HEAD COM💖💕Hes all done!! This

💕💖FINISHED HEAD COM💖💕Hes all done!! This bad boi features smug static eyes, 2 different velcro tounges, sewn in balaclava lining, soft

I love it! Thank you @lovearias for inviting me to help and then help me with this! Love you mom!!🌸🌸🌸💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

(Sorry for the horrible comment section I believe my pride post actived dead meme pages to spam me)Head commission complete! This boy includes 2

OH NO,VEGETA?! Looks like he tore up his @carebears dog toy! Dont worry I can easily fix it or order a new one!💖💖(I got this adorable care

Check out what my bro @oni_bot suprized me with today!! I loved it so much I've decided (with their permission!) To remake the suit into their gift

Look what @greasy.roadkill drew me! This was honestly the loveliest gift! I feel like art is some of the most special types of expression of kindness

IT'S YA BOI VEGETA repost of an old photo I really liked! I remember everyone saying it looked like a jojo pose.💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

💖Omg did I show yall my new fullsuit?!💖💖(Feel free to repost/edit)💖💖(Sike you communist scum it's not an actual fullsuit😈)

🏳️‍🌈💖HAPPY PRIDE MONTH💖🏳️‍🌈Older art I did when I first joined Instagram! My sona Vegeta the Assanimal is trans so I


🏳️‍🌈💖HAPPY PRIDE MONTH💖🏳️‍🌈I'm proud to be who I am and nothing could ever change that. Pride Month is a time dedicated to

Wip of a small painting I started today as a stress relief project. I enjoy painting and growing food based plants as a way of relaxing. It allows me


YALL LOOK WHAT @tazz_raspberry MADE ME!!😭👏💖 I'm so blown away with their kindness in this gift and how amazing Vegeta looks in their style!


I'm having way to much fun with this 😂 I wish I could take it home! To think it all came from some kid drawing a dick on our canvas lmao

Nice try rebel scum but I know my way around this game😎😂(Someone drew a dick on an art poster so I drew over it)💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

Badge wip! I plan on making badges for my customers that order anything that includes a fursuit head💕💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #furry

Yall my poor boi has the stupid😂😭 @nightmaretaco1 honesty makes the best art I've ever seen that actually captures characters so well! She gets

Aww looks like Vegetas actual mission was babysitting Frieza and Thetas kids!😂 they're so cute tho so he probably can't stay grumpy for long! Art

I dont think Friezas warming up to Vegeta just yet😂. AGAIN GO FOLLOW @nightmaretaco1 FOR MORE OF THEIR AMAZING WORK GUYS👏💖💖💖

WE GOT A BUBBLE BLOWING BABY HERE AS THE NEW CAPTAIN OF THE FRIEZA FORCE?! I absolutely will never get tired of the ideas @nightmaretaco1 makes and

🌟🔥PRINCE VEGETA🔥🌟Man yall just gotta go follow my bff @nightmaretaco1 !!! Check out this killer art piece they did of Vegeta for our


My part of a super fun art trade I did with @nightmaretaco1!Sorry Instagram is making me post it weird looking 😂😭💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

New personal art I just finished in class! I've never done scratch sheet art as an actual art piece but I love how it came out! And yes this is all

All the babies I desided to keep are all fed! Based on how well they're doing and eating I'd love for all of them to make it! I love my lil babies so

Badge commissions concept idea I drew. I think itd be fun to do smoke themed art on bandanas as I've seen ppl paint stuff on them before. The smoke

This picture is from before I moved last year! Pretty soon vegeta will need another refurbish to fix him up a little! Despite being about 4 years old


I've aquired a care bear clippit!! ;0; I've searched hard and lost two auctions but after I saw this cutie in an amazing lot as "buy it now" I just

Care bear and Assanimal hybrid I made a while back! I accidentally deleted the post when I was trying to edit it😂😭💖💖💖 #carebear

New dude named Dick! Hes a clown based Assanimal that I desided to make last week after a long testing day!💖💖💖 #dickmyaz #dickmyazsanchez

GOODWILL FIND! We found a giant letter "d" at goodwill for only $3!!! You bet your butt we got it 😂 I cant wait to decorate it with care bears and

Holy cow they wont stop coming😭 I'm so glad I saw them before I went to bed or I would have woken up with all my walls covered LMAO. But I'm

So my praymantis eggs finally hatched! I'm a dad again but now I have to stay up all night collecting them from the big cage before they learn they


Happy mothers day!! Especially to my Mom and Nana! Even though one of my poor snails broke he was still an amazing gift to her and I hope to paint him

I'll be releasing adopts and P2U adopt base packs of every species I've created in the past six years! Once one of my species base is finished and

New style I accidentally did today. I honestly really like it and will definitely use it for adopts!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #furry

Omg I freaking love sopaipillas!! I was to busy eating these to take a picture when we put the honey on but trust me they were good af! I could only

More pics of a com I'm working on! I'm having so much fun on this head especially bc they're one of my best friends and a sweet person over all

Ok but like I'm honestly so proud of my 'garden' I've been growing! With constant suit and art coms I often lose time to myself or any free time I do

Teeth are all done! I cant wait for the nose and claws to come in😫👏💕 this dudes gonna look amazing!!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #furry


NAKED!!!New cutie I made! I really like this base and can't help but make new characters on my own time!💖💖💖 #pinky #pinkytheassanimal