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I was introduced to Star Trek 10 years ago and the first series I watched was StarTrek: The Next Generation. Seeing @sirpatstew return in Star Trek:


Wow. She’s a whole vibeee 😍🥰 Link in bio for the distressed denim jacket. 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Happy Fri-Yay!! I’m ready for the weekend and done sunshine. Any of you have fun plans or someone special to be remembered this weekend?

When you go extra mile for something you always achieve it because that's where people usually find break through. The problem is the momentum to go

Torta Paradiso con crema alla nutella e togo intorno, con dei bei maialini che si rilassano nella crema😂😂😂!!! #festa #maialini #party

Just touched down in Seoul, South Korea. The last time I visited the motherland was three years ago. Looking forward to new adventures with some cool


These made-to-order shoes are made of Vegetable Tanned Leather which are hand-dyed by using water-based paint. These leather use natural material in



No comecinho de tudo havia os datilógrafos, profissionais que digitavam com muita técnica todos os documentos nas máquinas de escrever. Parabéns a

Летнее платье из легкой и очень приятной к телу ткани. Легкость, качество и красота вместе с нами ❤️ ✨Мы работаем с 9:00 до 18:00, ежедневно.✨ ✨ 😍Одежда пошитая для Вас с любовью! ✈️ Отправляем в Любой город! 🏩 Адрес: ЧР, г. Грозный, ул. Лорсанова, 6 ☎️ 8-928-646-11-16 💫 👌🏻 При больших и очень маленьких размерах отшиваем по индивидуальным меркам!👌🏻 !❤️ Любим и ценим каждого клиента! ❤️ #️⃣ #tamilaizhaeva #тамилаижаева #Woman #girl #fashion #beauty #Chechnya #Russia #designer #dress #skirt #suit #fashion #love #happiness #natural #tamilaizhaeva #fabrics #мусульманка #ислам #Россия #Ингушетия #Чечня #Чеченскаядевушка #всеВруках #Аллаха ❤️

New arrival! Preloved Chanel Black Quilted Lambskin Leather Medium Double Flap Shoulder Chain Bag💖. In good condition. #chanel #chanellover

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Link in bio👆🏼 Enjoy it guys🙈

🍒 table legs, turned to size and ready for final shaping.

Saturday morning sport and baked goods•• Gluten free rules apply in our house (not the salon of course). Andy was diagnosed with Ceoliac disease

I hadn’t been down to Christchurch for at least 12 or so years. So it was cool to pop back this week, even though it was for a fairly brief work

We take just 4-6 weeks to make custom orders for jewelry and outfits depending on the work. If you have any inquiries dm us or call us

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¿Qué hay detras de Ametsak? Cuatro años de estudio constante para poder ofrecer todo lo aprendido y conocimientos a todas aquellas personas,

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