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⚛ {descendants cast × zodiac traits} ⚛•••- what's your zodiac sign? I'm a Capricorn like chlo ❤ comment yours below! •••

Gros GROS coup de coeur pour #descender . visuellement c'est magnifique, les personnage sont super attachant et l'histoire captivante de bout en bout

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Do you like robots? Do you love andriods? Do you like cyborgs? How about space and adventure and an animal (robot) companion? How about traditional

Just finished #descender graphic novel - The Machine war, final one in the series. Loved the whole story till the end and would highly recommend to

When you go hunting for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and it’s sold out everywhere so you spend money on comics instead...🤷‍♀️A great

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On the final volume: The Machine War 🤖🔫 This series is phenomenal and I need it for my personal collection! Can't wait for #ascender to start

Il nuovo Pirata è ora disponibile a magazzino!The new Pirata is now available in stock!More info here:

This is turning into the "what's new from @petzl_official page"....... However, the Zigzag + just landed! Here is the comparison size wise with the

Orbital Mechanics is the title to our 4th volume of #Descender( and just a cool ass frickin name right? ). Issue 17 was the first issue of that volume

Been extra lazy this past week and have neglected my reads! Started today by finishing #descender volume 4: Orbital Mechanics and now on to volume 5:

💜 {malvie × song lyrics} 💙•••- [song - honey by kehlani] ----- I couldn't get the filter right but I hope you still like it ❤ I

❤ {dofia × shadow selfies (?)} ❤•••- the perfectionist premieres tonight! I'm so freaking excited! I'm gonna die ✴☪•••

@petzl_official are spoiling us with new products of late!!! 😍Chicane, Zigzag, Sequoia Harness, Knee Ascent systems all in stock now! #petzl

#grimdragon "Book mail is THE BEST MAIL"..Omfg is it ever. Like I said, March has been a comic reading bonanza. This wasn't everything but its too

¡No se van!Fidel Kuri, aún dueño de #TiburonesRojos de Veracruz, emitió un #comunicado en redes sociales luego de que se revelaran documentos

💙 {Evie × song lyrics} 💙•••- [song - hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - Lana del Rey ----- long tittle I know

Descender, de Jeff Lemire y Dustin Nguyen. Odisea cósmica particular de Image a ver si hacemos peli..Pues bien todo aquí, unas cuantas ideas

picking up where we left off last! counting down the #Descender covers to launch of #Ascender is cover to issues 16, featuring for the second time-

Another book I've been digging, Descender by jeff lemire and dustin nguyen. Some sketches inspired by the series #descendercomic #descender

[Carlevie X Sucker by Jonas Brothers]Ic to my j sista @_sofia_cameron also this is for you, its not good as much as yours but i tried

ᴀɴ ᴀᴄᴛᴜᴀʟ ᴅɪsɴᴇʏ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss ♡✵•••Follow me ⛤ ( @dovedollface) ⛤ for more! ♡•••[Tags]

🍎 {characters × irl} 🍎•••- lol I know I busted out with this huge D1 throw back out of nowhere but they're r cute so enjoy anyways

Nach der Wiederbelebung von Zombie Kai musste der Teufel feststellen, dass er von Max betrogen wurde. Die angeblichen Überreste seiner schwarzen

✴ {a study in Dove Camerons Instagram account} ✴•••- we all know dove rules Instagram so why not give a tour through her account

💓 {a study in Sofia Carsons Instagram account} 💓•••- I thought I needed to make a lil tribute to the queen of Instagram so here u go

The oldest comic shop in the world. Always a fun stop when in town. I picked up some reading material for the trip: Descender by @jefflemire &

Taken some time off the gaming and finally completed the wonderfully beautiful Descender from @imagecomicsThanks @jefflemire and @duss005, I can't

Coming in April! If you are a fan of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Descender, check out their new series: Ascender. “Set 10 years after the