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🌳💕 Spring is springing!💕🌳Dragging my girls along the beaches of Lake Huron, sand is a great exfoliator!😊😊😊😋😊😊😊

Gym selfie with my twin 🥰 I crushed legs, my babygirl had a tumbling class, and my son made friends on the basketball court. Back to basics for us

These are the real deal. Straight from across the pond. No mother daughter wardrobe is complete with out a fresh set of DOCS!! #shoes #motherdaughter

Only #mygirl could convince me to #hike straight up, to #Copperhead Ridge this time of year.😬 I usually wait for them to come down and find me

Rubys Birthday cake was a big hit again this year! Thankyou @soulkitchenbakery for making the cake of cakes 🎂 your work is amazing, every piece was

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little human. Today we visited with her cardiologist and the news couldn't have been better. She's such a

Anyone else obsessed with matching their littles?! 💜 Add your Tumblers to the matching madness! 😜

In 8 days, I turn 27. Closer to 30, thirty, flirty and thriving 🍷 (some of you will thankfully get the reference) There are days I have woken up in

As I’m Molding You To Be The Smart Beautiful Princess You Are, Your Teaching Me So Much In The Process & For That I’m Thankful. I Love You Bella

Badan bagian dada ke bawah udah. bisa pelintir posisi telungkup, tapi belum bisa angkat kepalanya sendiri... jadi biasa akan merengek ngamuk minta

Zoom into my eyes...I love you ❤️All new Content OTW 🌹Sushi Tape 2 Next Month. Raw Season The Warm Up 🔥Just a few GREAT young men

My sweet girl is having some vacation time with her grandma and I have been invited to have two Bible based Health Talks. 🙌🏽She made sure that I

Je vous jure que sait son premier Crushh Vestimentaire, Je me bats avec elle pour qu’elle l’enlève, Imagine pour le Laver 🙄🥰 #wlkn #daughter

SERUPA walau BERBEDAApa persamaan seorang IBU (Mommy) dengan Prajurit? . 😉 mereka sama2 berjuang untuk Sesuatu yang sangat di Cintai, Disiplin

"Baby mama won the battle. Finally I left my fiancée, I can't do this anymore. Too much pressure for me.. I can't handle with a SS8 and his HCBM. I

--아..너무 귀엽다...................❤️. @sssaaa_v 좋은 실내복 감사해요💗- #12

Today was a great day. 🎂| Pure perfection with 4 of some of the people I love most in this 🌍. |📸: @jdp828

We decided it was time to let laikynns new “friend” go that grandma found her a couple days ago. It’s safe to say she has a love for all animals

I felt tired this morning and Khaleesi woke up a little off, which made for a rough start. ••SO our day consisted of a lot of TV time, a lot

I should be studying, but I was looking for a picture and got sucked down memory lane. How is this little person already 7. Sometimes I forget she’s

"Question anonymously: BM is demanding child support and other welfare programs. Refuses to work and does sugar daddy meet ups for a living. We’ve

This human is an expression of joy and movement in human form. The day Charlotte came I swear I had know her for 10 thousand lifetimes. -One of my

This scarf just rocks!!! Whether deep conditioning on the run or protecting those curls at night! Oversized and beautiful HIGH quality satin! 😍SHOP

First spaghetti dinner and she loved every second of it!!

Daycare Party 🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂❤❤🤞🏼😘😘😘😘😘My Party Was A Success #TaChe'Takes2 🎉🎂🤞🏼❤ #BusyBody #Toddler

It's My Birthday 🎉🎉🎉 Happy birthday To Me 🎂🌺 #Big2 #TerribleTwo #BusyBodyMy Party Was A Success #TaChe'Takes2 🎉🎂🤞🏼❤

Gonna start working on some costumes for Halloween soon... Putting together an online cart with discounted materials. I wish the kiddos would be