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the prettiest woof

REPOST!!!!!I made this for my friend, since we are almost near summer, I wanted to do something special for my friend ☺💚Hashtags~ #sunflower


My mom & dad got me the best gift I could’ve asked for: our own new house! ♥️•••Don’t mind my moms voice


🙀 Memorial Day Weekend Celebration! 🇺🇸2 for 1 + FREE shipping sitewide until 5/27.Coupon code: DOGMOM #wherewillyouwillowear


white smoosh

😍😍video By @whyanuvrithshetty full video in my bio whatch it_______________Congratulations for the feature @anchor_anushreeofficial

Can't stop won't stop posting these cute girls. Hand feeding these puppies is SO important to build up a positive association for them with humans and


look at him go!

bedtime snuggles or struggles

Doing what he loves 💙 Theo paddled around the lake so peacefully last weekend. I could watch his little swimming feet over and over 😍


My New Favorite Toy ❤️🧸


plushie baby

so cute

look at this little dachshund 🥺🥺

prickly floof

Did I mention I'm in love with 14 puppies ❤Just one of the many videos I have of these sweet 8 week old pups...its gone by so fast...


🔊🆙 for the purring #SaturdaySnuggles are best! Love how she always starts to inch up closer and closer to my face during pets.😍😍 She is

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🤔Is Cuddles admitting he is or isn't... 😲 *gasp* How dare he spit that poop infront it me 😖

a VERY crazy floof


well deserved bath for a lil floof

his best angle

we stan a beautiful chonk