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I won't wrestle you. You're my #inheritance and #birthright so I embrace you. Come, let us do majestic things together. Speak to me, along with the

First Pimm’s of the season🍹☀️I hate to say it but...this year is already flying by! 😬 I feel like so much has happened already, lots of


Ran through my whole set yesterday for my #twitch peeps! Come see the real deal tomorrow at @thesunsettavern at 8pm! This is a new track that will


The triangle issue by Albers, created on fabric and paper of different weights. Triangles can be used as great pattern makers that can give different

“We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay.” — Lynda Barry, What It Is. #stars #fantasy #world


some impulsive spending + my 1st (crafted) piece of stunning beauty!! I had no idea I was already able to craft something, because something is wrong is alive ♻️ . Sustainable styled headwear made from Hemp and recycled plastic water bottles 💧 #madeinusa

Created these beautiful stencils for a Boho Chic First Birthday, which yours truly will be leading the activity. Woop. Woop. ---- #cricutmade

Fun lil' mini Lucky cat. #FU hehe

Added a little Habits Tracker for the upcoming week in my micro happy notes planner .... I adore it so so much


Tattered and worn, but ready for Easter here at @theboxsf 🙏🎉🙏 $4 for the happy couple!

how are you escaping today?

It’s no secret I’ve been focusing pretty heavily into leatherwork as of late. I still will have forged items available but I wanted to expand my

What an awesome experience ❤️ I am beyond grateful to represent such a great city and team. Rip City!!! I got to meet some awesome artists and

Processed in masses... you’re a product of mass production. Will you get out of the system? ⁣⁣⁣ #whitesheepnomore ⁣⁣ #seekers⁣⁣

Processed in masses... you’re a product of mass production. Will you get out of the system? ⁣⁣⁣ #whitesheepnomore ⁣⁣ #seekers⁣⁣

Collect moments, not things. Life is short. Believe slowly, love truly, stay loyal. And laugh loudly #wanderlust 💫🗺


Dallas’ most influential, “sneaker enthusiasts” agree that Dallas’ sneaker culture is “HUNGRY, overlooked, and starving for more...”..

Our marble eggs turned out better than I expected! Happy Easter🐰

What A Great Morning...Kid's Came To Decorate Egg's, Play And Another Wish Was Granted So Miley Got To Record It In My Wish Book:) God Is So Good

I have no explanation for this 👽 I enjoy letting the artistic process take me for a ride until I have a finished product that both confuses and

Happy Saturday! What’s your favorite flower?

Juicy details of "Warmth" ✨


🌴🐦🌴 Hey fellow QUILTERS! Do you know of any FLORIDA QUILT SHOWS - large or small? 🌴🐦🌴

😎📷"Die Maus"35mmISO 1001.6 secf/5.6Full size prints here -->> #conceptualphotography

✨ Senku ✨———————————————————Why is the moon following me everywhere

Sterling silver twist bangle with patina.

Sterling silver twist bangle .


Sterling silver twisted bracelet with patina.

Sterling silver twisted bracelet.

i forgot to take note about her name (she isn't @dualipa lol). Any way, this is the new edit: psychedelic vibes on glitch mode.... #art #love