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Colby might never see this, but that won't stop me from still wanting to thank him for everything he's ever done and still does for me to this day. I

Omg I’ve never been happier😩🖤 y’all are so amazing. We hit over 400 likes on my latest edit and over 1k views. Thank you guys so much and

🎶And when you smileThe whole world stops and stares for a while'Cause boy you're amazingJust the way you are

FOR now this is all I got and could do. I've Ben trying to edit and do a video edit so posy might be very slow and not as frequently as I wish and

Not an edit today but I love this gc more than anything.... they are all so amazing and such a positive loving group of people. So thankful for them

this is super choppy laggy and messy but i tried :/ it doesn’t quite loop but oh wellit’s also super off time but OH WELLdt: @colbybrock ac:

PART 20!! If you don’t understand what’s happening you will in the next chapter 👌🏻 and who is that?? Tags// #eltoncastee #colbybrock

Imagine theme: "Y/n, will you be my girlfriend?" You nod your head in excitement and he wraps you in his arms. You spend the rest of the day together

Imagine theme: Jake tells you how much you mean to him, you guys have been talking for a while and have gone on a few dates, he tells you he thinks he

Imagine theme: Going on a lunch date with Jake, you guys match by accident and tKe these cute pictures for Insta (cont. Next post) #traphouseedits

so i take the SAT’s tomorrow, any advice from those of you who have taken it?

An acc for people I love 💕╔═════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═════╗⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀follow @ecutiez⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀None of

🖤this was supposed 2 be a collab but s/o to sarah. jk ily.—————a share is appreciated.—————ac/ib: grapejouscc: medt: in

colby is so hot but also cute, how does someone like him not have a girlfriend. i mean he can stay single, i dont mind. also i just finished all the

So today went from ehh to amazing!! wow i don’t think today could have gotten any better! 🖤--- Plz Tag Jake?--- #Jakewebber

-‘Just some crazy ass kids’ 🤙🏼-‘Don’t be afraid to be who you are’-‘Be true to you’-Song~ Knock Knock Mac MillerApp~

I'm not sure about this one🤔❤️~Z💜 @colbybrock @colbybrocksecret~Song: Death Of A Bachelor-Panic At The Disco! ...........Tags

Hey guys! I just want to say that it's not cool to hate on others. Be kind. It's not that difficult. We all love Sam, Colby, Corey, Jake, Aaron, and