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Look at my new friend! This is Pooky a green cheek conure we took in yesterday.Pooky was very much loved by his owner but unfortunately they had to

Everybody knows. I’m not opposed to embarrassing myself for the sake of my babies. I have clips to merge together but I just don’t have time to


Bierz ten aparat! Ja tu sałate konsumuje! 😂

My favorite human in the world is my daddy. He plays silly games with me and shares his sandwiches with me. Happy Fathers Day! ♥️🦜•••


Feeling cute, might delete later 😂😈

Penny’s feathers starting to look so much better! 💕

Momma Sunny snuggling her love, papa Paulie. I hope they make some healthy babies someday! Happy Father's Day ♡ #sunconuresofinstagram

After bath preening 💕

The only way Penny likes her bath 🤣💦 She refuses any other type of bowl. Whatever floats her boat!


“Warm birby, bossy birby, little ball of sass. Sleepy birby, happy birby, finally sound asleep so she’ll leave her siblings alone.” Also known

爸爸剛買了一個窩🏠給我的時候我能睡覺的空間變小了😭😭😭因為還不習慣 都不敢進去窩裡😅 #現在自己都會跑進去玩耍了呢🤣🤣 #我是太陽我是一隻鳥☀️🐤........ #conures #bird #conuresofinstagram #greencheekconure #petbirds #yellowsidegreencheekconure #petsofinstagram #birdsofinstagram #lovemybirds #cutepets #instapets #instacute #yellowsided #conuresofig #conureparrot #parrotsofinstagram #parrotsofinstagram #instaparrot #parrotsofig #engagednotcaged #sunconure #instabird #鳥 #小鳥 #愛鳥 #小太陽鸚鵡 #鸚鵡日常 #黃邊小太陽 #動物

Apple the silly boy and Berry the cutie pie 🍎😍🍇🥰Food always tastes better when mommy is holding the bowl 😂... #appleberryparrots

The cutest fluff ball to ever be


Hello from cherry tree


There’s something very soothing about listening to/watching the rain whilst you’re sat inside ☺️ Frankie also helps 🦜 ..........

I eat calendars. 📆


#seriesoftypesofparrots 181(The white-eyed parakeet or white-eyed conure)______///__ is a small green Neotropical parrot native to South America

Hey hooman, stop working already.Come play with me ...🐥🐥

For Dalia the new bathtub is very confusing because it's hanging on the exact spot where the nesting box was. All she can think of is BABIES

When apples are life🍏🍎🦜•Happy Thursday IG Family!!• ⬇️DISCOUNT CODES⬇️🛒•10% OFF @inspirationbytogo NINA10•20% OFF

Loving their new toys 😋


She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky...🕊🕊🕊

🦋💙🦋💙when people ask which color mommy prefers, she answers : " color of my parrot ". Not ocean or sea blue color , not sky color, not

Hello) my name is BonBon) I am a boy and second pleasure for my mommy :))) I were too small and naive baby when I firstly met my love -Markiza... she

Hi)) I am lovely and pretty girl Markiza )))) i adore seeds, mom's hugs, dark holes and cozy places, I like to build nests with various mom's things