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Unedited manga pages for the SEWW zine! We have another show Monday at Creature Comforts Brewery and Misery Musume will be in the first match against


Hey, hey, hey! Today’s kind of gloomy, but it’s also #NewComicBookDay so you can make the day soooooooo much better! Plus you’ll see my bearded


Which side were you on in Civil War, Team Cap or Team Iron Man, and why? Comment below...-Follow @snikt_comics for the best in comic content!-

Couldn’t resist this little gem I the 50p bin. Fascinating little snapshot in time. X-Men hadn’t had their 90s’ explosion, Thanos was just

i drew dani with sunglasses in every panel so you could see how authentically Cool she is. i promise this is true to life. 😎 this is part 3 of an (

's post~DISCLAIMER: this might not work/ be useful/be okay for everyone~¤ follow @selfcareonline for more posts like this~¤ "THE ABSOLUTE


GSX Mini 6Giant-Size X-Men 1Never been cleaned or pressed!!1st appearance of the new X-Men, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Thunderbird. 2nd full

While I was working at Brooklyn Comic Con, I spotted a Spawn issue 1 comic on sale for $30, I was shocked when I saw the price because since this is

Случайности , ни случайны В истории опросы 🍂🍂🍂Взял публикацию , отмечай ! #MIKMME


hello, as we know that children are special and every moment of laughter seeing them acting like a super hero or his favorite character, deserves to

💥 6 SPOTS LEFT 💥GSX Mini 5Giant-Size X-Men 1Never been cleaned or pressed!!1st appearance of the new X-Men, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus

“The best work is unfinished work, but then again, when is an artist truly done with a piece??”Sincerely, Ceezy #jeanmichelbasquiat ..Check

Hey baby up looks like manga color Bulma is added to the @instamashii world tour exclusives!


Это же мои друзья 🐻В истории опросы 🍂🍂🍂Взял публикацию , отмечай ! #MIKMME

Got round to finishing off these pages from Adamantium Agenda. Trying something a little different, looser and trying to avoid the hard brushes..Art


So jealous of @funkopoppursuit getting a Spider-Carnage pop in the wild, I’ll have to settle with my action figures for now 😂😂😂 legends

Georgie Boy... An oldie but a goodie. 🐸🕹🍕 @seinfeldtv

One of my favorite signing photos. Signing the WWI epic "The last Days of Mankind" at the Comic-Salon in Erlangen 2014.Photo courtesy @sliebschner

Noticia de última minutos , Avenger será reestrenada con imágenes inéditas. #Repost from @strip_marvel with ... ‪🔥BOMBA🔥


Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars issue #1 featuring the 1st Appearance of The Beyonder! Another landmark cover by legendary artist Mike Zeck, we have a

𝕾𝖚𝖇𝖒𝖎𝖙.She's the fucking queen of my life, I don't take constructive criticism.This is my first edit EVER, so obviously it's not

Cuando recibes este tipo de mensajes alegra el corazó saben que emoción sentimos cada vez que las mamitas nos dicen cuánto le gustan