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One of the best MCU moments... Here is a friend of mine "tree" 😂.......credits:- @marvel_infix..... .Follow @avengers_dc_overly


I was craving for some authentic French macarons and I got a batch from my aunt when she visited me in January. They had the perfect texture and shape

Banter, banter, and more banter ❤_________Ed and Al look for the same base line values in their partners, but the outcome is drastically different


#103 I need to find my heart cuz someone stole it 💣💗💣...Follow :- @kitkat_wallpapers .Follow :- @kitkat_wallpapersFollow :-

:-) tag ur lover, ur friend, ur teacher and plan to eat pasta over a zoom call or FaceTime or something :)

Goood early morning to you all! I woke up at 3am shaking because my dumbass left the windows wide open without checking the overnight forecast. Early

#Repost @afterdeathcomics• • • • • •Food tastes better when shaped like stuff. *second attempt at posting*... #comics #drawings

•Blue eyes toon dragon•Tattoo executada pelo tatuador residente @brayon.tttOrçamentos e agendamentos, via link na bio do perfil pessoal.


Cosplayer: @sailorblondiecosplay - “This isn’t about Peter, it never really was. This is about power.” Spider-Gwen

No hay 2 sin 3, nuevo episodio de Mike y Coby!. Quiero aclarar que esto no es con la gente que tiene que salir a trabajar o tiene diligencias

Just finished on essay for my Writing for International a relations class *phew*. My paper was based on the above statement, arguing that “No, any

Etibonus😅😂😂❤..Credits:  @pibubear..follow us 👉 @loverzz_comics.. #catanacomics  #comics  #comic  #catanacomicsespañol 

So I drew the main trio together. And I messed around with some overlay layers and now the colors look a little funky but oh well. #oc



in a meeting

in a meeting


Now--jaiden: • @jaiden_animations --my other accounts: @_jaidens.birds_ @morganisverygay @morgan.and.sophies.

Camels can be pretty grumpy from time to time, taking a fighting stance against one is’t a good way to calm one down Check out @the_jeggy for more

MY COMIC IS LIVE! GO TO TGE LINK IN MY BIO TO READ IT!I have spent all of the quarantine working on this comic and it is a huge passion project. I


“Give my regards to your boss. Tell him he’s next.”.If these pieces would be easy, everyone would be doing them.

Garden C2. close up

So Comfy they’d stay FOR GOOD...!! 😎😎😎‼️❤️

( FOLLOWS AND SHARES ARE APPRECIATED ).I actually love seeing all of the art styles and the ways people draw her it’s just that I’m confused how

( Follows and Shares are appreciated! ) .I haven’t had any She-ra posts for so love so.. here you go!........... #shera #sheraseason5


It really pays to have lots of Practice Swinging around on Ropes...!! 🥳🥳🥳‼️❤️

Spider Poetry Recitals are murderous. You get Stage Fright + Fear of Heights at the same time...!! 😆😆😆‼️🔥

Miles Morales wished he knew better than to trust Spider-Gwen (of all people) with his new Haircut....!! 😜😜😜‼️❤️ @spiderversemovie

Larry’s Wife tormented him immensely even after their Physical Separation...!! 😎😎😎‼️🔥

Conditions : 9/10Published in 2008 by Shogakukan inc.,TokyoBy : TAAMOTamaki, Anak perempuan dari keluarga kaya yang selalu merasa kesepian tanpa

Conditions : 9,5 / 10Published in 2005 by ShogakukanBy : SHIBA NANAGAKU KUROHARA memang cowok paling tampan di sekolah. Jika siapapun mengenalnya,