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Halloween isn’t over ☠️ FrankenSITTER on Amazon Prime Spring 2019 😈

Super Jump in Division 2. Outcasts learned alot from Master Chief. Come hang out and have some fun! Also leave a follow! #twitch

Took a trip to get our pictures taken last night. The things I do for you ❤️ @divmondgirl

@kunleydakulprit representing for Dufton Shepherd Slightly Unhinged 📌Phoenix Theatre, 8 Haining Road, Kingston 📌 Sunday, March 31 at 8 p.m.📌

This song right here I put my heart and time in and man I’m so happy on how it came out and the vibe it gives to whoever listens to it, it’s a

Recording this song was super fun, shoutout to my broskie @kzr_369, aka my Engineer for bring this joint to life 💯 Fantasy - “What You Do To Me

Just a Snippet, nothing too crazy! 🎵🔥 Check my next couple post for the song! I got ya!!! Show some support!!! #music #recording #studio

You know what time it is! Had a great time when I recorded this record! #shoutout to my engineer 👆🏽 time... “4AM” by yours truly “myself

Твоё обнажённое тело должно принадлежать тому, кто полюбит твою обнажённую душу...