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ロゴパネル制作、、唯一楽しかった仕事…。○1つ1つのモチーフは、刺繍したけどキズがあったり、きれいに縫えず商品にならなくて、捨てられてしまう存在の繊維たち。○アップサイクルという考え方は学生の頃から興味があって、未利用繊維であるバナナの木から採れる繊維をアートに変換して、ポンチョとかはっぴとかを制作していた頃に繋がるものだと最近気付きました。🍌 #art #embroidery #color #upcycling

¿Porque se ha perdido la filosofía y ha gobernado la ciencia? Dejamos se sentir y percibir para responder de una manera automática.Nos estamos

Here is another example of my creative process work for a commissioned pet portrait I did. Interested in having your pet portrait painted? Let me know

"I saw her and she hit me like TADOW"- Masego , FKJ

In a system that enforces silence and rewards subterfuge, perhaps we could all reflect on ways in which we, too, are complicit. 📷🔵🔴⚪Color

Head over to #RangRave Holi celebration and catch @djspindoctor Live . It's gonna be one helluva party with crazy vibes!!! Tickets available on:

The summer COMPASS, pulseras elaboradas en piedras volcanicas multicolor y charm con tematica marina, personaliza tu favorita pidelas por DM

Don’t let go ; another sketchbook piece! Went in on this one bout two to three weeks ago. Was just messing around with some new brush pens and it

'Encuentro en la torre'. Frederic William Burton (1864)La exquisita obra del prerrafaelista irlandés Frederic William Burton —una acuarela y

tryin to get with it, no negativity-no doubt-no fear. just trying to be genuine and embrace how we feel in the moment - “a let go freestyle” 💐

I know the sound, of your heart🍃

#kidagakash (3/3)| #atlantis—Bueno, este es él ultimo de los tres. Lo comencé antes que él primero, pero lo terminé después de ese (?)En

🦁Hakuna Matata... nada que temer! 💛👊🏻👩🏻‍💻

Here’s a balayage touch-up to start your Monday off right! I’m obsessed!••••••••••••••• #balayage

Restocked! At 1500/=.📞📩 0717789272 / 0721441623 / 0721923448 🏦Imenti house opposite Equity bank 🏪Imenti house opposite the NEW NAIVAS

"La Sonrisa y el Silencio son dos armas poderosas, la sonrisa resuelve problemas y el silencio los evita".....................

🔴🔴🔴 IRANIANIAN painting (Negari or miniature) , IRANIAN poet 💗💕💙💕🌸🍃💗Hakim AbolGhasem _ e💕💗 FERDAWSI 💕💗, the

🔴🔴🔴 IRANIANIAN painting , IRANIAN poet 💗💕💙💕🌸🍃💗Hakim AbolGhasem _ e FERDAWSI🌸The Shahnameh (Persian

💕💗💙🌸🍃😍😌😌 IRANIAN traditional music (Persian 🌸🍃💕💗(Parsi or Farsi ) poem 🍃🌸💕💗& IRANIANIAN dance