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Back home after our vacation and ready for the next steps with all my projects 🎉Besides fixing the Wordpress hack this week I’ve really written


✒️ If only the old man's writing were more clear!.📜 Can you read what he wrote?___________________________________________ #critcosmetics


Legit. Same pose and everything. I once busted my ass really really bad running to my desk in the middle of a shower. What’s the most awkward moment


#HOY Los más peques aprendiendo las partes de la computadora mientras armaban una 💥🖥🔌⌨🖱 Y tú, ¿Qué hacías a esa edad?👀

So I’m on my way home back to Manchester. It’s been a good few days in London. It was A much needed break and I now feel recharged mentally to get


.. i always listen to music while programming, what about you? @djleeburridge & lost desert- return to Sender (Original mix) ...........

No dejes a tu negocio sin estar en la red, pregunta por los paquetes que Tecnomundoweb tiene para ti.5518736779 /

Java, hummus and pita, with a cute little koala in the corner keeping me company while I plug though this adventure game assignment for my java class


ウエストゴム テコラッタ セレカジPTX5142 価格 2,980


CSSflag of Okinawa. Okinawa Prefecture is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. CSS & HTML.

#Repost @hacker.helper with @make_repost・・・😂😂😂 #programming  #programmers  #programmerlife #programmer  #python  #linux  #kalilinux 


[31/100] - #100daysofcode - done documentation part of my project. And tested with few inputs for detection part...📌What kind of projects you

Credit ......✨Concentrate on one thing at a time.✨Focus on yourself , your goals.✨ Everything is gonna be alright. #coder #coding

Credit Day 67/100 #100daysofcode 🔥😊⁣⁣📍Really really close to the end of this project 🚀⁣⁣▪️Fixed some bugs

Said nobody, ever

Titulaire du code de la route en une fois bande de bitch 😂 {Je prend ma r'vanche sur tout ces batards qui ont pu douter de moi, sachez que je suis

Portfolio site update. Work display is mostly done, still got to put website links for live sites. Blog design next. 👍.... #vscode #code

➡️ Escola de Nerds! ⬅️JAVA WEBDEVELOPER com o prof Edson BelemTurma intensiva de Segunda a Quinta, de 13:30 às 17:30hs. Faça já sua sua

・・・19.03.18 in DisneySea・頭4

🚨 Another 1! On This Day in History, #IsiahThomas become the fourth guard to record 9,000 career #assists in the #NBA. Use this #code for a shot at


𓇼𓇼..一旦加工かえてみよっと🌞すぐ飽きるやろけど🤣. @chanelofficial

こんなに盛れるとたのしくなってしまう 𓂃𓋪◌ #トキメキルール  #プリント倶楽部

 やっと 、、!大学生の頃からずっと言ってたうさぎにようやくなれた 🐇 𓂃 𓈒𓏸キラキラメイクも上手にできてかわいいことできて大満足な1日 ❤︎ #usj #うさぎコス #halloween