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"On this day and always...may I have Serenity to accept the things I cannot change...Courage to change the things I can...and Wisdom to know the

最近A.C.Eちゃんあまり追えてないけど、今のビジュアルとUNDER COVERのステージ最高にかっこいい!!! #A.C.E #CHOICE


⠀Сегодня кратко😊⠀⠀Сарафан, видимо, так и останется неувековеченным... Зато лицо получилось - ура-ура!😂⠀⠀Никак не могу определиться с новым проектом. В сториз идёт голосование. Кто посмотрели, но прошёл мимо, вернитесь и поставьте цифру🙏⠀⠀Выбираем, что вязать следующим:⠀ 1. Майку⠀ 2. Купальник⠀ 3. Кардиган⠀ 4. Очередные носки 😂⠀⠀Не забудьте лайк♥️⠀⠀


Pilihan untuk bersikap baik tidak bisa direnggut oleh siapa pun dan apa pun dari dirimu. –Zig Ziglar . #choice #attitude #greatattitude #ownit

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" #JackieChan sisters .."🙃16.06... #OfBulgaria #TrustTheLord #IloveYouJesus #FrälsningenÄrJesus #СпасениетоЕИсус #Perëndia_ë

" #JackieChan sisters .."🙃16.06... #OfBulgaria #TrustTheLord #IloveYouJesus #FrälsningenÄrJesus #СпасениетоЕИсус #Perëndia_ë

Choice - an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities."the choice between good 😇and evil👿”....

Amen 💫 “ When you work hard for something you don’t care about, it’s called stress! When you work on something you love, it’s called


Choosing next adventures wisely...

On a #train in #centraljavaindonesia and charts are up for Asian open. 2 x +4t trades on es in 5 mins and I am done for the day !Got to love the

The will of God is not something you add to your life. It’s a course you choose. You either line yourself up with the Son of God ... or you

Just the first chapter has made this book worth the purchase price. Going to take lots of practice, but this is how I want to interact with my

Choose your favorite!🔥🔥◢|STAY TUNED FOR MORE|◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━❒Edit


WHICH IS MORE LASTING - THE WORLD AND UNIVERSE, OR GOD'S WORD?That's easy, for He has answered that very question for humanity. "But it is easier

- BREAK FREE FROM STRESS–.The very real reality of what is possible when we break free from chronic stress..Not only will we

Happy Father’s Day! To all the stepdads out there- we’re grateful for you, and all the love and strength you give to your kids. @choiceadoptions

Its been a minute . it be that way sometime.... Use to be one of my favorite song ... Realistically it should take minute when you want to reach a

Happy Father’s Day! To all the bio dads out there- we’re grateful for you, and all the love and strength you give to your kids. @choiceadoptions

Cairns Custom Wardrobes gives a large choice of colours and options for your Wardrobes. Come on down and pick your flavour! #neatandtidy #quality

We promote interraction! Love who we do it for! The Paradise family is always growing find us on snap: paradiseonsnap... #powerofpositivity

[TWITTER UPDATE | 19.5.19]------------[ #에이스_준]벌써 케이콘 마지막 공연이라닝 😦💕곧 봐요 초이들 💕 🙂 #ACE


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Hi𓀠My'name𓀎is→ @waivingdragon_368Japanese🇯🇵🗻🗼🏯🌸(Dream夣)_________________ #marquesescott


Can I just apologize to her for hating her for no reason through high school I LOVE YOU @kimkardashian THANK YOU FOR USING YOUR POWER --- #feminist

Terima kasih atas antusiasnya, ternyata banyak banget yang mau hidup sehat dengan makanan yang aman dan enak..Inget ini adalah gaya hidup kita

#Choice #chance #change.....You must make a"choice"To take a"chance"Or You Life will never"change"...😔

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Happy Father’s Day! To all the adoptive dads out there- we’re grateful for you, and all the love and strength you give to your kids.

Once again thanks so much @conkermagazine for giving me the chance telling my story. It sure opened a positive flood gate.⁣⁣.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Once again thanks so much @conkermagazine for giving me this chance to open up my positive flood


.If a frail and elderly person was walking down the street and was bashed and robbed, do you sit on the fence and watch or do you try to help him or