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"Baby mama won the battle. Finally I left my fiancée, I can't do this anymore. Too much pressure for me.. I can't handle with a SS8 and his HCBM. I

"Question anonymously: BM is demanding child support and other welfare programs. Refuses to work and does sugar daddy meet ups for a living. We’ve

ENLIGHTEN Tour: SE AsiaSWIPE ⬅️ FOR BEFORE & AFTER...This is the smiling sister of the boy I featured three posts ago. —I love to capture all

Beautiful!Artist Steekoner

My daughter💜上の子は高校生で日本の学校にいってます👧💕だけどまだまだワガママです💜 #instagram #family #child

De ti yo no quiero saber de nuevo no te quiero ver si quieres te puedo perder que quede claro que yo te olvide🔥😎🍃🎶🎧 #people #portrait

@peter_tabichi , a science teacher from a remote village in Kenya who gives away 80 percent of his salary to the poor and tutors students on weekends

Another Great Day!We experience happiness as a series of pleasing moments. They come and go like clouds, unpredictable, fleeting, and without

فعلا كان من الايام الجميلة جدا اللي شوفت فيها ناس اجمل 💜❤️😍 #beauty #niqab #friends #child


Who says that Lego and Baseball can't be joined together. Look at my new custom paint baseball bat in collaboration with @mark_lumber #bat #baseball

“Eppure dimmi, ma tu ci capisci qualcosa?Questo continuo e lento ignorarsi, separati dal vento, dal vetro e dal tempo, mi fa sorgere ogni sorta di

Megan was an adorable ball of energy!! 😬⚡️⚡️⚡️

Can't believe he's approaching 3 soon

While waiting for our food.. he simply have lots of energy. Can't imagine how to dine outside when Fatty starts to behave like his brother 😥

My first #love.

Smiling Spring Babes 🌸

Field of dreams.... Spring Babes 🌸

Spring Babes 🌸

Old Farm Setting Children’s Shoot 📷

Sibling love ❤️