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Dream big. Then grow 45 minutes before school. I didn’t post these. . Dream big. Then grow 45 minutes before school. I didn’t post these..

Ended today’s chest workout with 5 sets of 8-10 on bench only going up to 315 for 7 which was a struggle ☠️ 👀📽: @barnabasprince_pa


Cuando el objetivo te parezca difícil, no cambies de objetivo; busca un nuevo camino para llegar a el....When your goal looks hard, don’t


I just wanna be good at everything all the time. 🔥Maybe this is possible, maybe it’s not. But you can be damn sure I am going to die forever

Dat form poppin doe• #chestday need that tough luv too•lesssssgggoooo •If it knocks you down..get up and look it in the face and say “you

🛑🛑READ🛑🛑 last week life tried to put me down again; however, my gas tank is filled to the top and I ain't burning out yet. The first words

The purpose is pretty obvious I think...

Trying different angle on this machine..•• #chestday need that tough luv too•lesssssgggoooo •If it knocks you down..get up and look it in

Started with Incline DB press, sets; 90lb 1x8, 110 2x8, 115 1x8, 125 1x6. New pr started off a great chest day 👊🏻


First time I try the 150’s and this fool comes and throws me off!! I thought he was being a good gym bro and rushing in for the spot but good old

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Slight variation on incline flys. Definitely need to do these at a lighter weight. Pause at the bottom, rotate the dumbbell, and rotate again at

International Chest Day! Peep that tank from the best sports nutrition shop in the AV @righteoussportsnutrition Quick little video of my favorite

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Day 5Starting with arms of 16kg 30/5 setThe chest with 39kg 30/5 setBack with 45kg 30/5 setStart again arms with 20kg 30/3 setChest with 45kg 30/

Felt Strong “AF” today. Must have been the @gorillabarbell 405 x 1. Really felt good to finally push this up without struggle. Went

Always a great day when I get to see my mama 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽....Follow👉🏽👉🏽 @bullsweetfitness 👈🏽👈🏽Follow


4X3’s on bench today with a top set of 375lbs. Then 3X3 on spoto press with a top set of 345lbs. I feel like my form has improved pretty drastically

Entre ganhos e perdas tento me encontrarEntre erros e acertos que eu vou me destacarJax - Nos braços da vitória @jaxmaromba

Fine people that want to see you succeed! Find people who aren’t afraid to be honest with you! Find people who will push you! #bodybuilding

Legs, why must you be forever small? 😭 Workout today:Seated and standing calf raises 3x12-15 on eachBack squats 2 warmup sets then 4 working

Happy international bench day!-Sorry happy earth day, stupid auto-correct. Getting a chance to do some single pauses. Love the way the weights are

Your life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change.


Ladies and gentlemen, good eveningYou've seen, and seeing is believingYour ears and your eyes will be bleedingPlease check to see if you're still

Incline Barbell Press (Guillotine style)295 for 4+1 close up angle to show chin contact I got a great response to the last Incline Bench tutorial

Sitting at 189 lbs here. Trying to lean out and enjoy the lean. Taking some time but loving it.

19.4.23 (화) 1차전 #chestdayflat bench press 7sets 4~12Rincline smith bench press 5sets 7~15Rincline db press + incline attached press4sets

Monday’s are for Barhogs, no complaining on this side 😤-Do you want to be a @barhogfitness ambassador? 🐗 If so now is your time!-Send us a

With any big muscle move such as a chest press, you will bring other muscles into play. In this case, you will work the triceps, the muscles in the


Still my favorite piece of hardware I’ve ever earned to date, aside from my badge at work. The day I won the north, and became a pro. It’s the one

International Chest Day

Great bench set today! 2x5 275 lbs with a pause2x5 295 lbs with a pause1x5 305 lbs pause on one get the rest of the reps #bench #benchpress