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I wanted to draw something different. Something that represent myself. And I love to draw digital and with spray paint, so why not combine both? This

My Aladdin stickers were released! You can get them in the App Store right now. These are just a few of them, there’s a total of 23 animated


honestly this didn't turn out that great.oh well--also surprise, I'm not dead. art block hit me like a truck and I haven't really drawn much for

Finally got her done! So we have the rough sketch, turn around, and expressions of Judy Gumbo. If you’d like to know more about Judy and see her

Digitalizei essa arte que fiz em meados de 2017 e que amo muito!Espero de coração que vcs gostem da pequena sequência de ilustrações baseada


When thinking about the most significant hardships in my life at a younger age, my thought process would often be full of self-pity in this “why me

🔥🔥🔥 #Repost @fdasuarez・・・Hey guys!, Here is my Modern Wendy, I don´t know why I have not done her yet, it was so much fun,

Berkana <3 <3 ⁣She wakes me every day with this smile, loves a hug and her toys. She brought a lot of happiness to this house and inspired me to try

Been wanting to do this prompt for a while, but hesitated for some reason lolI'll be working on these character designs on my lunch today n my next


Hey!!! Sketchbook review time! Hope you like the progress so far! It's been so fun to work on this sketchbook. Have a great week!! Cheers

Piece 3/3 for the raffle prize for @zodiac_n_koda! This guy was cool to draw and I like how the anatomy turned out.Art is mine and character is


🎮Started playing Black Desert Online today🎮 Ninja Class 💀Photo Mode - Black Desert Online💀 @blackdesertonline_official #videogames

Really trying hard to make sure I'm constantly creating and growing my @kettdoesart Instagram page. There's a lot of ideas floating in my head that


Monster Hunter inspired character/creature sheet for my personal project Riesen. If you want to see the creature you’ll need to visit my Artstation

Piece 2/3 for the raffle prizes for @zodiac_n_koda! I think it looks good how it turned out!Art is mine and character is @zodiac_n_koda’s #furry

Jungian Fox, digital.Carl Jung exemplified his theory of synchronicity with a story about something that happened between him and patient. As the

Looking up at the bright sunlight. 👓 First layout sketch of close up scene. Took ages to get the eye positioning right, now I'm looking at it again

Horrible quality but, so far so good + added some sounds!Music by the amazing Beach Bunny though i re-pitched her voice (go check her out)


Here are my sketchbook pages for the April Showers and May Flowers piece as I promised. These include the two character pages and the thumbnail sheet

"Brushy, brushy", single clip from Ep 06 of Doodle Time, check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel to find more and more Doodle's videos and


Roughing out character ideas. I'm thinking the Neon folks need a bar where they can unwind, and no bar is complete without a cute redhead bartender.

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? I don’t know, just something that popped into my head! QOTP: Do you know that song?.... #art

Updated Kai The Koala 🐨 IMessage Sticker Pack with now 15 hand drawn stickers! I created the pack using an iPad Pro and Adobe Draw. If the pack


This awesome artwork was done by @2dpanda 💙⠀▫️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀▫️⠀⠀⠀⠀To see more awesome artworks follow us @picartotv

More crackships-These two are a mix of HelioS and Artemis- (Helios belongs to @toxic._.captain )Enjoy these babs--Tags: #sun #moon #sunandmoon

Coming to a T-shirt soon... WELCOME BACK!I gave you a small taste of death, so you’ll know me when I come for you again :) A Roll with Death

Mixtape dropping June 1st. “The Vision!” #thevision 👁

Mermaid with some super strength ... I really have been enjoying MerMay this year ... not sure how I feel about the fact that it is already day 19

#wip 🌻✨“ Let us be kind! Everyone is battling something in their lives that you don’t know about!~ All we can do is being kind

🌱🌷✨“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different “ by CoCo Chanel 🌿🌻✨ One line at a time by hand


🌿✨Sneak peek...🌻🌱”What is that you hold dearly the most in your life