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Time to break my fast with a salade with slices of braised chicken, avocado, tomato, cucumberAnd a nice herbal tea and fresh 🍉 juiceAt work my

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Flexing cause I climbed a mountain that about killed me. And I may not look my best, BUT in this moment I accomplished something. I pushed myself


"You've changed" gets thrown around like some sort of insult and I guess in some cases it could be.However we should never be ashamed of being true

"You get one life. And you spend so much of your life working, that what you do should be in harmony with who you are. There’s no huge amount of

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Dobry wieczór🌜U mnie pada, czasem jakiś piorun przerazi mocą, czasem sama siebie przerażam, np. tym, że biorę udział w wyzwaniu na

Hey, guys. I'm Sophia.It's like some people don't accept people changing. I am changing my appearance right now, so they just have to deal with it.

Página facebook: aquilo que você se propôs a fazer e a criar, valerá a pena, sabe porque?

I’m here.

Who has an hour of their time for me to buy you a coffee and explain why joining my scentsy team will change your life 💕💕🌸 PM me and we’ll


Addicted to black

All in a days junk mail! All this crap came through the door today, multiple our house by how many 100s, 1000s even? #reducereuserecycle how do you

n.1✅AIUTA A RAGGIUNGERE GLI OBIETTIVI NUTRIZIONALIAssumi il controllo della tua nutrizione pianificando i pasti per tutta la settimana. Avendo un

Don’t know where to start? Read this 6 steps to a healthier you that I wrote up for a blog. Remember that small changes can make a big difference

Solitude...Get comfortable with being alone... It’s not always easy but it is necessary, because the only person you will spend the rest of your

今思ったこと感じたことは全て実現できる。そのとおりになる。.思考は現実になる。それは良いことも悪いことも。なぜうまくいかないイメージが膨らむのか?それは逆を言えば、うまくいくイメージ、期待感が大きいから。.不安になったっていいじゃない。それは自分に対する期待もでかいからそうなってるだけ。嘘っぱちでもいいからうまくいくって思ってれば絶対うまくいく。.『なんで河野さんは前向きでいれるんですか?事故にもあったのに』先日DMでこのようにメッセージを下さった方がいました。その理由を言います。それは僕自身がすごくネガティブな人間だからです。.後ろ向きな考え方をすることが多い人間だから、前向きに考えるようにしただけです。ポジティブな考えを持ったら実際に良いことが起きたからそうしてるだけ。実体験ほどインパクトのあるものはありません。だからそうしてるだけです。.どんな人でも大丈夫ですよ。神様は差別しないから。まず根拠のない自信を持つこと。そうすれば人生思ったとおりになる。.もうすぐ復帰します。この動けない時期があって本当に良かったと思ってます。3ヶ月くらいですかね?普通の社会人なら首切られてますね 笑笑.なぜよかったのか?それは、この期間にいい考えを無限に膨らませられたから。動き出すのがワクワクするくらい。人生に遅いなんてないですよ。今この言葉を自信持って言える気がします。.『人はいつからでも変われる』それはいつだろうか?と思っていましたが、こう思います。『考え』を変えた時から。皆さんの毎日がより素晴らしい毎日になりますように。. #変化 #チェンジ #change #チャレンジ #challenge #思考は現実化する #前向き #ポジティブ #positive #楽しい #復活 #ワクワク #幸せ #希望 #マインドフルネス #みんなありがとう #できる男 #勘違い #神様 #インパクト


WHY PAY FOR A COACH WHEN YOU CAN JUST PAY FOR MACROS. ⁣⁣There are countless programs out there that will give you macros. ⁣⁣Pretty much

THIS IS WAR “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in

Will we see a change? Will male dominated industries become female dominated industries? We don’t want women to feel their only options to thrive in

¿Bajaron tus ventas y no estás llegando a tu público ideal?Súmate a @muuversok un nuevo canal de ventas con personas interesadas 100% en la

Kinda graphic but yeah, women and men need to make more wise decisions. I think the abortion ban will help younger generation be more careful with


When you’re struggling to push the leg press up that final inch and suddenly have an overwhelming desire to start praying to the Gods when you’ve

This phrase can mean all different things to everybody.For me it means loads of things including getting enough sleep, eating properly, walking

If I can change and you can change, everybody can change.- Rocky Balboa⁣⁣⁣Truth! ❤️⁣⁣⁣⁣ #accousticguitar #jazzmusic

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Why be perfect , mistakes are the best things that can happen!!! HeemantAstrologerHumanitarianKarmic Mentor

This message is important. Who did you need when you were younger? A role model? An encouraging tutor? A young adult to confide in? Someone to teach

There is such beauty in human connection. Everyone is so unique and has their own stories and if you know me, you know I love your stories. Tell em to

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2016 ➡️ 2018.. it was the day after this photo was taken that I decided to make a change.. i was in a bad way, mentally and physically! I’ve