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I had a nice surprise unloading the kiln this morning. This tea bowl was ugly as a haint until it was fired again in the electric kiln. The


Another case of the blues. 💙 This is a new hand-built platter design. What do you think? #pottery. #ceramics. #stoneware. #handbuilt. #platter.

I did this special EVA porcelain mug just for my son Lucas, who loves WALL-E. First, because I sold the first one I did in earthenware, second because

What are your two fav velvet underglazes to mix together?⠀-⠀ @marigoldpottery uses a variety of oranges and greens on this fun bowl to get her


Which is your favorite 1-7?Creative art by @luigi.kemo

Hanging Wall Planter- All my hanging pots are one of kind. I just go with flow and see where my muse leads me. Each piece is fired in a kiln twice.

I’m chuffed to bits with this church. I’ve made it as part of a village theme which will eventually go to a hotel in Japan. I have another 20 or

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

6 of the 7 ceramic heads for this project survived! The last is rebuilt and lazily drying for the next few weeks. Anyone wondering what the hell this

They say kiln openings are the most exciting part of pottery, but recently seeing these pieces in their natural raw state and imagining what they

think this piece works better as a visor.. #ceramics

A sweet assortment of HLH planters in their shop habitat at local, Sylva, NC shop @noonstorefront 🖤 Where would you put your mini planter? 🌱


Show me some love guys (No, sorry I'm not American)😂 Start again...Lovers of gorgeous things..we have beautiful porcelain mugs for sale, @£6.99

Had some wonderful glaze kiln results with this dark clay. This 10 oz. mug is glazed with Sea Salt but the bottom third is left unglazed. More dark


Pottery Painting with Prosecco! We'll provide a glass of something fizzy while you relax with friends and create your own masterpiece.You can Bring

Can you believe this Starry Night inspired customer piece? What a work of art! We see all of our pieces as a blank canvas just waiting to be

"Andromeda", pieza que expuse en la trienal nacional de cerámica el año pasado ☺. (llevo rato sin subir algo de cerámica uh)..... #artist


My past three days of ceramics. Cleaned the studio floors. Looks much better for the new semester. Then slaking today with 3D I class. It was hot but

Meet Fin the Fish! Another friend of the “Calebrije” line! Scroll to the last pic to see his little buddies getting ready to be fired in the kiln

Seriously concentrating. We had a blast this weekend during the Big Pot Workshop at East Mitchell Clay. Here, EMC member @pennymayhall puts the


Hello all! The planner is out and I am back working on orders going out to my lovely stockists and customers 🙂 With a day job and my 4-year-old

Happy belated birthday to Carlo Zauli! Born August 19, 1926 in Faenza, he was a ceramicist, sculptor, and professor of Italian.He became famous in

Acá se toma mate con alto glamour 😎Llegaron las bombillitas de colores 😍🎨.👉 #taza #mate #cuenco

first day back in the college studio! here’s a time lapse of all of today’s creations. the first piece was very rushed so i ended up smashing it

Great to be back at Purlieu today with more oval plates to deliver. Although, the surface design on these was inspired by traditional French bistro

A day working from home today 👌🏻 Feels like I’ve practically lived in my studio over the last week so a change of scenery it is to get through

Cup | Vessel for daily use | Archaeological Museum of Siteia | Crete | Greece


Clay figurine of an enthroned male | from Aerino | Late Bronze Age (Mycenaean period) 15th-12th c. BC | Athanasakio Archaeological Museum of Volos |

Statuette of a kore | 3rd c. BC | Archaeological Museum of Nafplion | Peloponnese | Greece======================Αγαλμάτιο κόρης. 3

Kantharos | Luxury vessel for drinking | Archaeological Museum of Siteia | Crete | Greece