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Cape Town has so many amazing things and places to be and to go. Found a tidal pool as I was doing my morning run today and had to see what it looks

A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn

We organise custom made safaris to all the national parks of Tanzania... 🌄Mount Kilimanjaro🌋Meru Climb 💪Quality Service Never Compromised

``When we seek to discover the best in others,we somehow bring out the best in ourselves'' 💋Serac Adventure clients WARD #sevensummits #7summits

Penta Hotel. Good service and food.Industrial and Cozy. Central. Highly recommended. Perfect stay in Prague. #weekendtime #czech #prague🇨🇿

Aghori sadhu, in varanasi, india.Many Aghori gurus command great reverence from rural populations, as they are supposed to possess healing powers

Varanasi...➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖Picture Credits : @yossi_shayPicture selected by : Team @tales_of_banarasTo get

Sometimes you take a picture and everything is so right you are speechless. This is one of them. Location scouting by @gitzblitz ....... #dji

EU member states have confirmed tough restrictions on certain single-use plastic products. Plastic straws remain one of the world’s greatest

"If you want to be a real human being - a real woman, a real man - you cannot tolerate things which put you to indignation, to outrage. You must stand

Olen juuri näin loman tarpeessa! Sentään näkyy valoa tunnelin päässä ja vihdoin on viimeisetkin palaset ohjautumassa paikoilleen ja talviloma

Join us for the Kremlin tour and learn the history of Russian and Moscow by visit the main fortress of the country. #moscowkremlin #kremlintour