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Training in progress! 😍🥳

We have names! Wilber Patchington and Ace 😅 My husband and sister call Wilber, Marshmallow, but my friend’s kids had suggested Wilber. It grew on


Hayyyy who else living the #dream?! *** not brought to you by hay

Meatball learned how the wheeky ball works and now he loves playing with it! Hooman is very proud. Swipe left for the video. 😭💕....

The redesigned Natural Cavy Subscription Box is here and hitting the shop this weekend!Save over 30% vs buying individually!Filled with many

🌊We have horrible weather in Slovakia but Lilly think that we can make everyday like holiday, look at her! 🌴☀️🌅. . . #guineapig

She’s such a pill🤣❤️

“Where’s the food mom? I know you have it somewhere give it to us” my beautiful guinea pigs poppy and lychee. I love them to pieces #guineapig

Peggy & Lilo


My little brown bear Koda 🐻___________________________________________________Use the discount code “WHEEKFOR10” for 10% off your next

Es ist nicht leicht. Alle auf einen Streich zu erwischen. Die Gruppe auf diesem Bild ist unsere freilaufende Mädelsgruppe mit Flecky dem Kastraten.

This is what happens when Pigmum's brother has cuddles with the piggies... 😂😂😂....Follow my Pawtners 🐾 @cavies_cymreig

That 'nearly Friday' feeling 🤣🤣 She can actually fit in the box but she likes to leave her butt out 🤣🤣... #guineapigsofinstagram

How is your Day so far?....😊~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

🐶To be featured👉 #cutieguineapigFrom: @guinea_pig_lover_68📸 Credit: @guineapig_fam1Tag your friends below 👇DM us for credit if you are


I haven't yet drawn our art raffle! We haven't sold many tickets so noe is a good time to grab some! Plus Conrad has offered the winner to choose

Sharing is Caring: Death Metal Edition 🥗💀 (sound on for ultra intense eatin🤘)⁣⁣Only two more days until Curly Girl and Bean Bag go to

Had my first proper day being outside today, and I enjoyed eating lots of grass and feeling the fresh air!💕 ---Follow my pawtners.. @loopyloola1


¡Selfie!🙋🏼‍♀️ La humana estos días ha estado muy ocupada con los exámenes finales, pero siempre hay un ratito para jugar y hacernos

Being a grey potato trying to take a nap is not always easy, when you have annoying family members 😆😆

Parsnips first bath because he was peed on... he hates me now 😭😂——————————————Follow my amazing Pawtners with the

Ernie enjoys using Tito’s booty as a cushion 😂💕(so lucky to have boars that love each other so much

My piggies eating grass for the first time this summer. They are so happy for the nice weather and long yummy grass. Plus toby watches over his


This is the best idea we had for the piggy shed and the piggies love hiding under the hay whilst eating it 🐹 #guineapig #guineapigs  #piggys

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Pip having a sleep in one of our Piggie Huts.The picture was actually taken the day after Pip had an operation, she didn’t leave this cozy for the

Piggly pondering the great unknown. And flowers. 🐽❤️💐

“Mumma, I’m a brave forest adventurer.” The nervous-mum art of guinea pig photos includes: roping in a friend ( @rachelannie__ ) and standing

Ludo is a free heart, an explorer, an adventurer, a model, a wild child, a forest wanderer. A lover, not a fighter. 📷 @rachelannie__ •• #Ludo