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LOWER BACK EXERCISE Opening movement to mobilize the spine and shoulders. The emphasis on thoracic extension 💥 Keep the glutes and TA engaged to

Opening movement to mobilize the spine and shoulders. The emphasis on thoracic extension 💥 Keep the glutes and TA engaged to avoid intervertebral

#tb Quick seated sequence to reset your spine! Find space on the carpet or ground, give these a try :) Takes 5 minutes!.Be aware of each inhale &


This is one of my favorite yoga challenges! So excited to be participating again this year, even if I’m a day late. 🙃 Points if you know the

Day 1 of #Shine4Dys & today we focus on poses for digestion! These are SO key for me to help with #gastroperesis!.🧬JOIN US & Help SHINE a Light


NEW CHALLENGE!💀 #RiseForCore🎃 October 19th-31stDecided to join this challenge a day late 🥴 I never start a flow without doing cat/cow

Sweet Lightening crossed over the rainbow bridge this past Thursday. He was diagnosed with FIP last month and went down hill very quickly. I am

Thanks to diet culture and society beauty standards, I’m incredibly insecure of how my body looks. You don’t have to be “overweight” to be

Day 1 for #RiseForCore is cat/cow, brought to you by Jessie from Toy Story 😉•Traditional in any yoga class, and great for our bodies! Bringing

It don’t get more awkward than a bunch of inappropriate-looking cat/cow variations with some guy just trying to play hoops on a Saturday morning

🤔 Do you have back pain? Back stiffness? Want a more mobile spine? Then this may help! __🤸🏽‍♂️ The cat-camel (or cat-cow depending

Sunday Stretches 🐈 In Cat I hollow my belly, round my thoracic spine, widen my shoulder blades and tuck my tailbone. In Cow I let my belly fall to


Day 1💀 #RiseForCore #catcow🎃 October 19th-31stIt’s my favorite time of year. 🙃Time to work on our #ZombieAbs again! 🧟‍♀️We

We are in this physical form. We can work towards increasing our safety in movement without being attached to this physical form. Wouldn’t you want

🎥 DAY 1️⃣ of the #RiseForCore #yogachallenge 💀🎃🖤✨ .Zombie Slide ➕ Cat/Cow ➕ some extra core work ➕ more Zombie Slide

Day 1: #RiseForCore cat/cow・・・can’t believe this will be our fourth year hosting this challenge! who’s playing with us?! 🧟‍♀️_

Bessie had some adventures today


Happy #caturday #catlovers and #yogis 🐈🧘‍♀️ I took a trip to the north east last week to see friends, family and fall foliage 🍁🍂

I am a little nervous sharing this but 🤷‍♀️It’s no worse than a one piece bathing suit right?Just don’t be creepy.🙏Day 1 of

Joe said NO cat costumes, guess he shouldn't leave us alone then! 🤣🤣🤣(Poor Curly)It's a Curly Cow 🐈🐄 #catcostume #halloweenfunny

Good Morning Everyone...Happy Saturday 😃We absolutely love this video...amazing sequence 😍 Share this with someone to inspire them

Office yoga has been using @alo.moves this week and I think we've taken our group practice to the next level..Trying to roll every vertebrae one at

Spending extra time today working on spinal segmentation with this variation of cat/cow. I wish I had taken a video of myself when I first introduced



Have you tried the downward dog stretch?🤔-Comment down below your favourite stretch!👇🏻-Tag someone who needs to try this!👍🏻.

Here's another set of warm-up movements that you can perform when you are working your back, chest, biceps and shoulders. All you need are a

🤸‍♂️Mobilità e Salute della Schiena: 🐈Gatto-Mucca🐄 ..🥇Questo é la base per la salute di schiena spalle e bacino..🥈Ottimo

Hazards of the job. 🐐🧘🏻‍♂️I have terrible form but you get the idea. Got to check out everything these goats do at Great Rock Farm in

🐈-🐪 ▪️ 🦐-🐉. #catcow & #cobra : Exercises It's always the best strech and it moves all the muscles of your body . This really is

☀️☕️Yoga for morning energy☕️☀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Thinking of adding in some yoga before work but short on time and no idea


Este Mishi estubo castigado un bien rato por comer comida ajena y le prohibí el acceso a mi cama hasta hoy, gato rebelde... #catsofinstagram

You know how we all have little nagging aches and pains? (Well, maybe not if you’re 20-something, but I’m well past that. 😂) So I happened to

Be kind to your spine. Mobilisation of the spine with this simple routine feels amazing to free up any tightness in your back. Try and do it daily and

A few months ago I've somehow injured my back mostly because of a lack of rest (and past injuries). I then stopped practicing backbends which was hard

Want to feel better.. fast? Reset your spine and connect with your breath through ‘cat-cow’ sequence. Start in neutral tabletop (think knees under

Sometimes even your instructors get injuries! For the past two weeks I’ve had a lot of neck and shoulder pain 😫. Today I had accupuncture and

*SIMPLE YOGA STRETCHES FOR LOW BACK PAIN*I’ve loved getting messages from people recently saying that my page has encouraged them to get into yoga

Różne formy kociego grzbietu 😊1. Koci grzbiet odcinek piersiowy2. Koci grzbiet odcinek lędźwiowy3.Koci grzbiet pełen4. Koci grzbiet

Does your back hurt, do you get headaches, brain fog, or want to improve your posture? Try this out and read below for full details!Make sure you


Right now, in all likelihood, you're hunched over a laptop, or maybe you're sitting on the train, your head tilted down at your phone, trying to read

Stunning views from Emmental and real life cat-cow

🍎Your core IS the most important aspect of your movement.⁠.⁠Simply put, if you want strength you're going to need stability, and as a free

Furry toe beans, sleepy kitty and cat in a bag, all of which happened within 5 minutes. How do they go from passed out cold to racing into the bag so

Love this stuff! The spine has hundreds of muscles that have to work together to create these lovely movements. A healthy spine is an indication of a

ICYMI, here’s a sped-up video of some of the fun stuff we did with a #yogablock this morning at @real_hot_yoga. Do try this at home! .... #yoga