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$40 mini sessions after prejudge at the Ronnie Coleman Show April 6th!!! Dm or email me at richard for details and book. Limited

Bareback & carefree. That’s how I rode as a kid. I swam, raced, jumped and rode bareback for years. Many people with troubled equines bought them to

Taking a good moment today to reflect while sipping some echinacea tea. Natural immunity support. Going a different way in life and I'm happily

The Buddha attachment states that life is more fun when you don’t give a f*ck😝

A little before my time, it was in the 60’s when baby seat safety was taken a little more seriously, this was the norm back then 😃 It’s kinda

💗💚 It's my AKAVERSARY weekend! I am 18 years strong! Mu Mu Chapter 13 Elements of Survival 🎀 Those K's are Often Imitated Never Duplicated.

Some sort of a light carefree caption I couldn't think of Again credits to my brother for the jacket And last but not least I love that yellow heart

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We just watched The Dirt on Netflix about @motleycrue. Man, crazy story to watch now that I’m older. I remember hearing that Nikki Sixx died and was

Even though things have been rough lately, today turned around. Surround yourself with people who are passionate, consistent, and support you. I am

So important to take a break in life. A night the worries just don't seem to be there for a moment. To laugh till it hurts and be carefree.

I turn my dreams into reality and goals into adventures 🌻

Did some steep hills out here in Carefree today. Some very nice views, roads were really nice. Got up to 32 mph on my radmini @radpowerbikes #ebike

Keep PUSHING-••the fruits of your labor are closer than they seem••---Model @jaeroc Shot/ directed by @twoavenue••• #style

i am sick as frick 😪🤧comment green emojis

Кто ходит в гости.. к друзьям у которых есть работа, .. тот поступает мудро ... Парам, пам пам, парам пам пам, на то она и безработная жизнь, рядового тунеядца ( Т9 настойчиво предлагал заменить слово "безработный" на "беззаботный", что думаете, это синонимы ? ) #work #unemployed #carefree #look #mirrorselfie #word

“Carefree” (1938), was the first Astaire and Rogers film to lose money. Despite that fact, this movie is a personal favorite for many reasons

Care free moments ✨🇵🇦

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Momma is cleaning while listening to the radio. As soon as this song came up, my little one says she wants to dance 💃🏼.She can’t stand on her

While clearing out my old room, I found this photo of me and my sister @maja_karpowicz when we were younger. The thing that struck me was our fearless

Hoje é dia de comemoração, hoje é meu renascimento!!!! 👏🏻.Dia 23/03/2018 estava terminando minha última quimioterapia. Foi um dia de

💫🦋💫🦋💫🦋💫🦋💫🦋💫🦋💫Vorrei volare via da qui, scapare lontano, via da tutto e tutti come una farfalla, libera e