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#Marvel Le preguntaron a Bill Rosemann, director de Marvel games, si el videojuego "Marvel's Avengers" y el de "Spider-Man" compartirían universo y

I was invited to share my Top 10 Figures by @doctor.collector so here we go! Took me a few days to narrow them down, and I went with all Marvel

do you like captain marvel ? I feel like she is way too OP but maybe the villains for phase 4\5 will be super OP. Ahem galactus...

Tis a cutie 🥰Edited by me

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Good day my friends. Air is right. Sun is on. Things are good. Almost done with this one then one more tonight. 3 page day. On schedule. Link in my

“Eu tenho lutado com um braço amarrado nas minhas costas, mas o que acontece quando eu finalmente me liberto?”- Carol DanversEssa é uma das

JJ Abrams for Superman 2-----------------------------------------------Bad Robot is close to filming a 500 MDD deal with Warner Media. JJ Abrams

Pues parece que no es ni un crossover con Los 4 Fantásticos ni una “Spider-Man 4”, sino que se trata de una cuenta regresiva. -------


@sahlimareis de Capitã Marvel ♡ Resultado ficou melhor que eu imaginei, quando comecei a fazer o capacete ela não tinha visto o filme, e quando

Y'all better start accepting the falcon as captain America ••••••••••••••• #marvelstudios #stanlee

Saw this meme on 9gag, idk who the og owner is but credits definitely to them, I just used it to make an edit, which is mine .......(



#Marvel Ewan McGregor sería el candidato más fuerte para interpretar a Norman Osborn en el UCM, y sería el villano principal de la fase 4.-Ewan

Some new pickups since March! Hardly buy anymore which is a shame but my digital library is still popping! Captain Marvel 4K - $24The Avengers 4K -


Looks like MINN-ERVA FROM CAPTAIN MARVEL SDCC2019 WILL BE A SHARES EXCLUSIVE WITH GAMESTOP. More details to come on how to get this pop without

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“I pericoli più grandi per un guerriero sono le emozioni. L’umorismo è una distrazione e la rabbia giova solo al nemico.” ⭐️...