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Post detox pra não dizerem que eu só posto arte. Se bem que se essa lata não é arte, eu não sei o que é. Fica de #TBT também pq o almoço desse


1) this looks like a k-pop concert 2) this is beautiful


"Decisões difíceis muitas vezes são tomadas para o bem."...Follow my fanpage @soldierwinterbuckybarnes for more 🇧🇷🇧🇷...Follow

This is interesting. Captain Marvel, Special Relativity and 'Avengers: Endgame' Connection Explained here................. #avengersendgame

Don’t know if this’ll ever get developed into a full blown story, but even if it stays just a one shot of super hero domestic life, I still think

Ai più grandi fan del mondo.Eccoci qui, eccoci alla fine. La fine di un mosaico narrativo senza precedenti che ha abbracciato undici anni e undici

I was sorting through photos and thought this one of @mylittleecho as Captain Marvel needed to be posted sooner rather than later.Costume by

craptain horndog hhhh what you gonna do craptain horndog?!? he says he'll eat toby's 🅱USSY••••••••••••••••


This is probably one of my favorite shots from my Captain Marvel shoot ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 @wu_zhih_wen 💙💙💙✨✨ @psychismet

More of the @audi advert for Avengers Endgame which features Brie Larson's Captain Marvel! 💖 (From @brielarsonupdate) #Marvel #MCU

I’m really starting to like the Outlaw! This was a 13 kill gameplay using a Cordite/Outlaw. What Sniper do you guys like to use in #Blackout


brie on audi ad

💥RUMOR💥Al parecer la actriz #tessathompson quien interpreta a #valkiria ha escuchado que se está desarrollando una nieva entrega del Dios del

Whatever it takes. Esse é para acabar com o nosso emocional! A #Marvel divulgou um novo trailer, dessa vez, para homenagear os 11 anos da fase três


leave him alone 😂

Yon-Rogg (MCU’s Captain Marvel)If you guys like Marvel, why not check out my complete recap review of Phase 2

Reposted from @themarvelinsider - [Follow @themarvelinsider] So today my friend was watching theatre in London and spotted none other than Charlie Cox


I was gonna put this on my FiNsTa ( @tony.on.a.pony_mk2 😉) but not enough people are there yet and idc it's here now :) anywho wow, look. At. This.

Thema: Lieblings SchurkenUnsere Lieblings Helden haben wir ja die Tage schon vorgestellt. Doch was wären die Helden und ihre Geschichten ohne

And another one bites the dust. In my quest to find out which MCU movie you overall like best, Ant-Man and The Wasp is the lowest rated, Avengers: Age

The thing I see at therapy..Loki and Deadpool next to each other! Lol! That would be an interesting movie! #lego #loki #deadpool #batman


2015-2019.My art is finally starting to look like it appears in my head. It takes a long time, it's very frustrating at times, both in the process

Marvel vs DC Part 16.....Credit:- Mightyraccoon➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖Welcome to @goku__ssj6__ 🔥Daily uploads🔥📺Please