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Happy birthday to the best Faja in the world ♥️ love you dad !!

Oh look who decided to let me get a decent picture 😈☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️check out my pawtners! @familyof28paws


It's only 20 degrees and humid and she's already panting like it's 40🔥I find she can typically spend way more time outside in winter then summer


Banana ooh-na-na 🍌💛Half of my heart is for bananas ooh-na-na! 🍌💛 #banana #bandana

I don't always go to bed early, but when I do I make sure I have a pillow❤...................... #puppy #husky #rescue

Super happy about these little flowers I found. Look tasty.


whatcha see there bud?

mom got up to pee... ya snooze, ya lose sister... dis my spot now 👋🏻

Happy Saturday friends! I hope you do something great today! Like check out the #greatglebegaragesale my mom is stuck at work so sadly we are missing

Saturday Mornings be like 💤👑.................................No but really, I woke Mum up at 6am to play because the sun is back today🐶!,


Ruby always gets onto the ground to let the little dogs know she’s a friendly girl... this little shih tzu wasn’t sure but it didn’t take long

Once again, I can’t decide on which photo I like best...We found this beautiful patch of trilliums on our walk today, they really are simply elegant

Hey it's been awhile but I'm still doing me. Mom says she's sorry because she's been working a lot and hasn't been sharing my adventures.So today she


First time at the waters’ edge. 💦

Dos cervezas por favor 😎☀️

Mi amor🌵❤️


Sooooo I’m in my, like, hundredth “down stay” of the day because I’m so busy protecting my Humom and barking at the door that she can’t get

🤩 This is heckin’ awesome! Thank you everyone for the love and support! This good boi reached 1K today! 💙 we are so lucky to be part of the

my mommy tells me I am a metro pet .. I don't know what that means but these snacks sure are tasty! @metropetmarket💖 #adoptdontshop #canada


They say I turned drinking age today☑️ 2 years of bouncing for no reason, 🏐 happy barking, jumping and licking faces, snuggling like a cat,

my mommy doesn't do as good a job bathing me as my stylist Angie at @groom_with_a_view but she got me this cute duckie bath mat so I won't fall

the humans don’t agree with my idea to paint everything gold 🙊

Happy Friday!🌷🌷🌷Just Tiptoe-ing Through the Tulips towards a fun weekend.🌷🌷🌷Friday Fun Fact: Did you know that Tiny Tim once