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Happy national puppy day to us! & all the other puppers out there! Here’s a big throwback to our puppy dayzzz •••••

It’s #nationalpuppyday 🥰 If only they could stay this cute and mature at the same time 🙈😂

On our way to the dog park. Everyday at 5 pm. She may not be able to tell time but she knows when it's Puppy Park time 😄✌🏼 #lunaandmommy

Finally nice enough to go to the park !

Yup it was bath night! 1st pic is me in the tub, 2nd is after the blow dry and the 3rd in me stealing treats because i feel i deserved some #bathtime

Happy National Puppy Day!I didn’t have Mayhem as a puppy, but Carlye, her breeder did a great job at raising my best friend!Photo credits go to

Big smiles for the weekend! 🙌🏼 Today I went on a small hike with my humans, I can’t wait till all this snow melts and I can roll around in the

There is no way this dog is almost 10 years old. Only feels like yesterday she was under our Christmas tree. My beautiful Coca~Cola 💕 I love you,

SOUND ON12 days post dental surgery and I still wouldn’t eat anything crunchy. But then Mom offered me my favourite snack and *CRUNCH CRUNCH*

5K on dog day !! Thank you friends for following along on my journey 🤗🏀

Nova is our lead dog beside Rex. This girl is a very special dog for me. I have worked with 100s of dogs of several breeds and this dog takes the cake

Rex is our lead dog and our stud dog. Rex got 1st place yesterday and 1st place today. Rex has been our solid boy in whatever it is we ask him to do.

It may not look like spring but it sure sounds like it! 🌷Swipe to listen 🕊 #SpringIsHere

First I stole her heart, then I stole her bed...💕-Please like and comment your favourite nap spot!💤🐾-- #FlorenceAndTheTequila #Flo

Happy National Puppy Day to my sister and all the other pups! 🐶🎀..Discount codes: “KL20” | KONAleashes #nationalpuppyday # yorkies

Mom says I’m cute when I yawn, I think I look like an alligator 🐊

There was a time when this toy box was unseen, hidden in the corner of the room. Blue is now emotionally preparing for spring cleaning activities

Sunbathing is one of his favourite activities☀️••It’s national puppy day today! (Swipe for something real cute)•• @ziggy.the.dobe

I often take Pablo out on a long line so he can run around and explore like a normal dog. Here he is enjoying some sunshine ☀️

Happy National Puppy Day to out favourite coach!Top two photos were the two on his adoption profile that made me withdraw my application for Knight,

The excitement of March Madness fills the house. Are you as excited as Tyson? 🐶 #Pets #Sunshine

Started the day off right with a quick trip to the park and a timbit from @timhortons 🐺🍩🇨🇦 Definitely a Canadian puppy


Bathing beauty 😜

Sun is shining, birds are chirping and there’s finally some green in the landscape! Happy first weekend of Spring!! ☀️🐦🌸🌳🌷(Let’s

Happy National Puppy Day!This is me yesterday at the veterinarian's. ✔✔Got my vaccines and she says I'm healthy...And super cute😍My

Its been a sad couple days here on Instagram. 2 of my cyber pals have crossed over the rainbow bridge 🌈. First was Bailey

What do you think of my star bandana? Do I win a constellation prize?! Did you know Sirius, the dog star, is moving closer to Earth at a rate of nine

Dark Marble is now live in our shop!🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜Come to the darker side, there’s marble 😉—-All of our bows and bow ties now

Sunlight 🌞 was coming in through the window and lighting up the majestic dog snoot on Mickey sleeping 💤 behind me 💕 #sunnyday #snoot

Anyone else think feet are the greatest toy ever?

Happy #nationalpuppyday from this goodest boy! Who else just got back from a nice sunny walk?

Waking up, thinking about how she feels about using the hashtag #beefcake. I think her neck rolls prove it fits quite well! 😂... #megatron

Hey, yup, still here and in love 😍