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Someone once told me, "Forever won't seem like a long time if you're with the right person."... #insomnia #nosleep #sleepless #peaceful #music

Are you beating yourself up for your past mistakes, your pain and trauma? What happened in the past might not have been your fault or you might have

My Instagram is becoming a bit of an Irish scenery appreciation account the last two weeks with all the coastal pictures but it's hard not to with the

Ось. Це Степан Крейда 👋Така прикольна гра, яка тренує уяву і художнє бачення. Суть в тому щоб скласти з різних шматочків паперу якісь уявні образи, в яких будуть різні форми губ, носа, волосся, очей і т.д. Можна уявити риси характеру, чи якусь професію і дотримуватись тої чи іншої характеристики. Таким чином починаєш мислити трохи ширше і не малюєш одні лише крапочки замість очей, однакові у всіх своїх персонажів 😊 А поки вирізаєш заготовки, це той ще релакс! Дякую @polina_doroshenko_ ❤️ #art #paper #think #dowhatyoulove #calm #workhardorgohome #illustration #персонаж #степанкрейда

It is time to play this week! My new theme comes from my friend @yashicasintuition and it is #youthful. This word can be taken down so many different

AFL team Port Adelaide have taken the initiative to ban players from looking at their mobiles for 1 hour after a match. Foxtel’s Backpage last night

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all...Background photography : @__._aravind_.__ .Q&C : @__._aravind_.__ ..A wise man

Today is March 26th and you know what that means?! #MercuryRetrograde is almost over!!! 🥳🥳🥳 But if you still need some help on how to muscle

Learn about the amazing benefits of @primemybody hemp oil on this call tonight! 9:30 est. DM me for recording and/or more info.

Blessings. May all Beings be free from suffering. May all Beings be free from suffering. May all Beings be free from suffering. May all Beings be

If you want to be happy and healthy you need your vitamin zzzzzzzzzz’s (aka: lots of sleep!) If you have trouble sleeping (zzzzzleeping?😜) you

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100 straight days of meditating! My previous longest steak was 40ish, so this is pretty cool. Other pics are of my meditation table and sitting spot,

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Eğerce beach, Bursa._Haida m10 holder Drop-in ND 3.0 + Red Diamond Medium 0.9 GND16mm, F18, 80 sec, İSO 50___ #haidafilter #turkey

Simplifying Motherhood: After minimalising, bringing in some simple morning/evening routines really helped declutter our lives and my brain. I've been

Ocean breeze🌊Beautiful seas🐠 #sundaze☀️

Smiles on set day 4. Before the tears and hand puppets. Found my cotch. ••••••••••••••• #film #arri