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We realized we have never properly introduced ourselves on here! Figured it was about time we show our faces a bit more and let you know more about us

"I want to help" is the text of today's post and is a genuinely sincere message from from me to you (I'm also excited to share the first peek of the


Don't Kill Your Time...May Almighty provide us the Will to involve ourselves in learning and utilizing the most precious gift "Time". ...* It's


Ambigram for SAMRATH! Tag your friends with the same name and drop a request for any name or word in DM/comments! 😃 @samhitha_sreevathsaRotate

I haven’t lettered in a loooooooong time, but Taylor Swift’s new single You Need To Calm Down inspired me to do a lettering doodle today. I love

MEAM cushions are made out of super soft velvet, with a soft touch large print design..A unique and elegant personalised gift for newlywed couple

“É, eu ando em busca dessa tal simplicidadeÉ, não deve ser tão complicado assimÉ, se eu acredito, é minha verdadeE é simples assim” (


I’m Walking on sunshine ☀️// Katrina & The Waves ⁣•⁣•⁣•⁣Bloom where you are planted🌻 inspired by @lettersbylia •⁣

Testa è ragione. Cuore è passione. Pancia è #feeling, capacità di sentire subito le cose a pelle. #lapoelkann

Working on some new graffiti paintings on canvas. Loving this sophisticated pinky-grey mix with white lyrical script. Larger paintings in the works

Porque lo es. A propósito de que el domingo fue el Día del Padre, este letrero se lo hice al mío ☺️💙.✍🏼 #lettering


❊ T E R Á P I A ❊ Ma sok minden történt... dühös voltam... nagyon... az írás segített... megint! Pink!!! Ennyi! 🙂Köszönöm az

A little late but happy pride month! 🌈Feeling a little extra blessed this month to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Here’s celebrating my

Queria reconectarme y hacer algo para mi y que mejor que el desafio de @lapizycafe_ una cuenta que conoci hace muy poco y que me encanto por su

a spread inspired by @amandarachlee! I am definitely not an artist so I was really proud of the way this turned out 🌸


This is a birthday card for my grandmother - she is turning 84 next week.The text is in danish, and it says: grandmother: the mother of your mother

A few years ago, someone gifted me with a “mindfulness” coloring book. After approximately 1/128th of a page, I concluded that coloring in

650 "Ever striving to make the people knowledgeless and desireless. Indeed he sees to it that if there be any who have knowledge, They dare not

Cheers to the happy couple! This custom signage was a great way of collecting date ideas for after the wedding chaos.

Best. ☝️


«Внимание к мелочам рождает совершенство, а вот совершенство — уже не мелочь.»Микеланджело Буонарроти (c).Каллиграфия: @yulana_yudina Фото: @_sasha_dk

"بيني في الحبِّ وبينك مالا يَقْدِرُ واشٍ يُفْسِدُه.❤"-أحمد شوقي.... #old #calligraphy


You are a masterpiece.(Swipe to see full process video)..I love making art that encourages and sends messages of positivity from the Bible. This

I might not have been on top of my game lately but none of my haters are doing better than me............... #lettering #calligraphyart

Opportunities are finite and one so should never let go of even a single shot to seize everything they've ever wanted...............

You can't be happy with yourself until you've hundreds of friends but none whom you can call family....Having a few family like friends and doing

It's only when you let go of the dead weight that you realise that everything isn't as heavy as you have made it for yourself


Sometimes giving up turns out to be a much better alternative than to keep on arguing with an idiot..... .... .. .. .. #lettering