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Hari ini kami dikunjungi oleh Doosan Infracore Korea dan Equitek Management & Technology perihal penjabaran teknologi dan perkenalan antar perusahaan

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So much appreciation for high rise buildings.🏙 I especially love San Francisco. ❣ I find so much beauty in the architecture and exterior. You can

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If you invest 100$ on the standard plan, you withdrawal of a total of 1500$ plus bonus at the end of 20daysForex harrison.... Dm me for the update

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Let me get something off my chest at tax time... Big corporations manipulate their financial statements to appear "profitable" to investors who only

Workshop Venda Mais com Técnicas de Coaching🏆Que turma maravilhosa, incrível e dinâmica !!! Foi singular essa experiência !!! #viverdevendas

Netflix and a ride. Or catch a live game from the comfort of your seat. MOGUL VIP

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Woke up a little later than usual today. -Sleep the last few days has not been kind to me. I find the optimal amount is 6-7 hours. -Currently at the

SEMARANG BUSINESS & ENTREPENEUR EXPO 2019 ..... - Sebanyak 40 stan meramaikan acara Semarang Business & Entrepreneur Expo 2019 di Atrium Java Mall,

Mood When I hasn’t posted all day , just hasn’t been my self , I’m looking at life differently Looking at things with more serious intent

Truth 💯 Failure is apart of success you have to fail a few to times to succeed ❗️

Time for a Wedding

"Growth is the Only Way to be Constantly Hungry and Satisfied at the Same Time"Congratulations to these 3 superstars who have recently been

Took some time off to focus on some career goals that I've been working on behind the scenes but happy to be back on the red carpet next week at the

Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch is back on the market, now at a fraction of its original asking price. The 2,700 acre property, listed for


Magical dreamy home

Happ¥ §pring 🐣🌸

Thoughts are things.

My Uber driver is cooler than yours ✌🚦🐾

My happy baby💙boy Bryan 🎉🐾🎈

One of the lessons of the Academy of Communication ... Our team in a comic-play form needed to come up with a project and a PR campaign to promote the

I love puppies, petals and streets of Madrid 🐼📹by me

“What’s Understood Doesn’t Need To Be Explained “

Each year does end and a new one begins. And with this new year approaching, don’t focus on the challenges, look for the good in each and every day