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I made a reading tracker today so I’m never short of ideas for what to read next! 📚trying out a new background as well, but I think I’m missing

Da li ste razmišljali možda o tome da napravite sami svoj planer? Ako niste, možda bi mogli da probate 😀 Naše sveske na tačkice upravo su

Un nuevo entretenimiento para relax y que mi forma de ser tan cuadriculada cambie a color. Unas clásicas pinturas de colores y un #bulletjournal ,


I went back to my usual sleep log 👌🏻I found out that the amount of hours I sleep is more important to me rather than when I’m sleeping

Timbri Carolina Ghelfi, timbri Teresa Collins, blocchi acrilici, tamponi d’onchiostro Clearsnap... tutti i migliori prodotti per Stamping se trovano

Who has two thumbs and loves true crime podcasts? This gal! I was on the most recent episode of @deadtimestoriez and this was my bujo note page. If


¡Cerramos por hoy! Y al final he empezado el 11 que al tener ma misma estructura que los demás de áreas, es facilito y me ha dado tiempo a

Got my first bullet journal and I’m absolutely OBSESSED.I’ve bought planners before and would never stick to completing them! I think the

Full view of my spread from last week!..QOTD: What is your favorite font style in your bullet journal? Traditional calligraphy, mono line, all caps

I have shown you many times these wonderful markers (Story) ! They are one of my best markers ! I'm in love with 😍 these markers! You have to test

I got a new bullet journal! I will start it in May. What do you think of my future log?....Inspiration for the calligraphy came from here https


MUJI의 제품만으로 bujo를 시도해봤어요정말 성공할 줄은 생각도 못했다 ㅋㅋㅋ GOOD NIGHT

Things haven't been easy for a few months, even for a few years!**Mysterious chronic fatigue, brain fog, and the occasional chronic diarrhea that

Haven't posted my own journal in AGES sooo here's a page from this week! ✨ You might wanna check my story for some good news also! :DSticker Club

It's almost time for our newest [Document] Life Stories kit, called Joie de Vivre. This will be our May release.⁣⁣The kit is fresh, colourful

Story Journal Kit #3 Happy Little Moments⁣⁣Have you seen our newest Story Journal kit? It's called Happy Little Moments. It comes with a load of

f r e s h.................Sharing this amazing smoothie bowl I had a couple weeks ago while I was working on my journal. (I kinda


💢********Mochila escolar com rodas Agnes Unicórnio Minions xeryus ***************************** 🎒Para que as aulas dos seus filhos, sejam 

Just in time to get back into bullet journalling. Walmart has a whole new line of #BuJo stuff. I picked up 6 sets of stencils. Each pack has a mini

True story: my friend said this while we were having one of our game-night at @kungfuteausa 😂😂😂 .We couldn't stop laughing (she was

Need a tree for all seasons? I do! Lots of uses for the trees & headers I just added to my shop. I’ll have a video soon to share my ideas

PAPERPADS - Also online today these Paperpads, KRAFT and VELLUM, for all paper- , collage- and snailmailprojects. Useable on printers too!.We used

it's getting really sunny here!

•Karşınızda Mart ayında okuduklarım. Benim için verimli ama bi yandan istediğim verimi alamadığım bi aydı çünkü son on gün ful ders



Em superação, o psiquiatra Augusto Cury vai ensinar você a ter um caso de amor com a sua vida, mostrando como vencer os medos, o humor depressivo e

Seguindo a linha de poucos materiais eu usei os mesmos restos de papel de pão e de papel de presente, caneta preta e caneta branca, pra fazer os

My weekly spread is finally here! Very similar to March but slightly different enjoyed creating all the different planets this month. #zodiac #stars

• Are you guys ready for Easter? 🐣 because I am! Another break, another adventure 🏕 tomorrow we go to Cotswolds for a week of fun in the

“I choose you always and forever love completely” quote and spread from @kangurajournals 😍😊・・・Hello BujoFam!•I hope you're

Celebrating #holyweek and the fact that I'm finally feeling healthy again with a fun decorative #bujoweekly spread. Check out the video on my channel


refiz a tão temível primeira página do meu sketchbook porque a original era a minha maior vergonha. agora to apaixonada.pérolas de

🤔 I must know...😲 add your comment below! .... #journalsjunkie #journaljunkie #bujolove #bujocommunity #whitespaceplanning

An unexpected day off has presented me with the opportunity to go get tacos with my lasses, then go hunting the shops for some cool summer shapes

For those who have asked how our NEW #RefillableArtMarker’s work. It’s Easy! 🖌✍🏼 #JHerbin #Herbinink


About to make another journal before knocking out a few more pages of my dissertation! I just love the colors and “mesh” pattern on this one-

Nesse feriado nada melhor que fazer maratona na Netflix!!! Indicações de séries e filmes❤️Follow me: @duda.estudiess .... #studygram

My theme for last April was ‘The Secret Garden’, a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1911. The 1993 film adaptation is very nostalgic for me

Checkout this awesome page inspiration by @mishbujo.What are your favorite TV shows ?

Bộ stamp tay tưởng kén nhưng thật ra lại tiện dụng vô cùng. Bằng nét vẽ như trong truyện tranh, bạn có thể in lên các

Bộ stamp tay tưởng kén nhưng thật ra lại tiện dụng vô cùng. Bằng nét vẽ như trong truyện tranh, bạn có thể in lên các

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