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It’s a cold one here in Virginia Beach today. #brr

Doesn’t feel like spring in Vienna #brr

Esta foto tambien me la tomaron el dia de mi roadtrip 🤩 📌 Sigan a mis los perritos mas cools del mundo mundial @laperradaregia 🦴🐾📌

Digan ustedes quien es mas lindo la bebesita o el bebesito? #Brr #realhastalamuerte👹

Oh so cozy. It may be Spring...but some of us run cold. 🥶 Also, office environment anyone? This duster sweater is amazing. Old Navy XXL, $40.

Today the cold is back 👀🌬 I just hope only for one day! the bad is that I put away the winter clothing from my wardrobe🙄🤣🙈 I need more

I've been know to make a monster or two aswell...The Patchwork Man, a monster featured in Blood Red Roses - essentially Frankenstein's monster = an

Was war das eigentlich nochmal, diese Sonne? Der äußerst heimtückische März tut gerade wieder für 5 Minuten so, als ob er was vom Frühling

Part 1 of our Spring + Summer Equinox Menus! 🌈🌸🍄• ———————————————————————NECTAR | 227 n.

Los diablos los demonios!!! Mera dime @lilgeniuz ☠👹 LOS INTOCABLE!!! LOS ILUMINATIS!!!! Se viene "Esclava Remix" 📽 Uuuiiiii BEBESIIITAAA

Antes del negocio quiero mi dinero listo y nunca envidié, to' lo que tengo es gracias a Jesucristo

🇫🇷 Tour de Corse 2019 - key facts: 🌍Location: Corsica / France📆 Date: 28.-31.03.2019Surface: asphaltStages: 14Stage distance: 347,

رفیق پادشاهیست بی تاجو تخت که بر دل حکومت میکندســــــلامتی اونــــایـــــــی کــهــ وقـــــــتی بــاهـــــاشـــــــون هـــــستــــــــیم ... نــــخورده مــــــســــــــتیم !!... در مرام ما نباشد جز وفاداری به دوست ...جان دهم بهر رفیقی ک وفاداری در اوست...