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Basking in the gorgeous sunlight pouring into the parlour floor of 219 East 17th Street on this perfect Spring day ☀️

Home away from home. #BrooklynFaceAndEye⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Photo via @stoopsofbrooklyn


Springtime sippin’ spritzes🍹🏡Cheers to a very successful #RaptNY open house event for New York Design Week!.......📸: @kittypoosue


These Brownstone Lanes of New York remind us of our college days. 🤗.When we were planning our recent visit to NY, visiting West Village was on

“If you love me, say itIf you trust me, do itIf you want me, show itIf you need me, prove itIf you love me, say itIf you trust me, do itIf you

Built-in breakfast bench

I could spend endless hours walking in diverse neighbourhoods, admiring the architecture & exterior design of homes. Greenwich & Chelsea are my


Brooklyn Baby .Walking through an architectural wonderland in Park Slope Brooklyn. So you have a favorite NYC block? #theprettycities ....

A brownstone^^ / A brownstone is a kind of house that is common in cities on the East Coast of the US

Just one block from Coolidge Corner, interior finishing is nearly complete for the renovation at 1240 Beacon Street. Haycon is completing a full

And So It Is. Photo By Luke Crisalli/LCPhotowerx(C)2019 As The "Spring Into Summer" Series Moves Through Its Second Week, We Again Remind You To Take

Sometimes you just have to stop and admire some stunning architecture. Great 📸 from Sydney, Australia.

We didn’t realize how much we’d fall in love with this hanging planter as we weren’t impressed by it at first. The fairy light in the nighttime

Caught a ride into South DakotaWith two girls in a light blue DesotoOne's name was Jane, the other was plainBut they both had racing motors

Always love @tylerelizabethkaru’s stunning sense of design and her unique picks for clients. This Charlestown brownstone was filled with beauty in

The Resnick Team celebrates today Maxine Resnick our fearless #leader and a #wonderful person to have around. We guarantee you would love to meet her


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Classic metropolitan living for this Boston brownstone. We selected pieces that are classic and tailored yet still family friendly. 📸

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Heavy D with Kci and Jojo, Quo ft Brownstone, Tank, Ideal and Fabolous ' songs all contain or interpolate the Jackson's This Place Hotel (Heartbreak


Aside from gravity, nothing in life can keep me down..Double click if you like the pic.Tag and share with your friends.. #goadairies #church

• Every bit of Terra Coral is put to good use--whether it's for paving your #driveway or for wall cladding, it's truly a material that speaks of

Action Speaks Louder Than WordsDon’t Say Things That I’ve Already Heard......... If You Love Me, Say ItIf You Trust Me, Do ItIf You Want Me,

But beware! Sometimes the romance of summer can distract you from some red flags. "It is fine to stop and smell the roses, but also pay attention to


Springtime in Fort Greene

the brooklyn brownstone. a perfect example of paying homage to history, while introducing a modern aesthetic.award winning nyc architects

DEAR BOSTON:Your charms have drawn me in, inspired me to wander among your façades and behave desirously toward your panes and panels.....⬅️

I love the gas lamps still common in park slope!

Believe it or not, this is so much progress! July move-in date- here we come! 👷‍♂️⚒👷‍♂️ #brownstoneboys

Summer suits our new block.


In the 4th grade, I auditioned at my school talent show. I walked in, sang this song and the teacher was like “uh uh honey, you can’t sing them

So insanely proud of this guy. He wrote a musical - and it’s reeeeeeeeeeeally great!!! We’ll be singing songs from the show at City Winery (NYC)

A classic brick exterior "brownstone" row house, in Boston's South End.The front door color is a preview of the fun colorful decor inside. •

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