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Idk what is wrong with my dog, she woke up this morning looking this way.... Vet says there’s nothing we can do. /: #Malamute #Dog #Broken

im not an object. my feelings isn’t a toy. i just want to be loved and appreciated and not be so criticized and i just want something that i can’t

Imagine trust as a porcelain vase. One day you are careless with it and it tumbles to the ground and cracks into pieces. No matter how hard you try,

text her today she didn’t respond or call me but she was busy but i still didn’t bother to text her again if she really cared she would have

This is my final post of the night. Hope y'all had a WONDERFUL day today. Goodnight and sleep well everyone! ✌🏼-Now that The Hardy Boyz are on

“Oh wait...this watch is broken!” 🤷🏻‍♀️photos by me, modeling/styling by Sarah Shannon••• #wlw #womenshistorymonth #pink

Careful, the funniest are usually the most broken💔😕 #broken

нearтвroĸen 💔💊 goodnight😴💔🙏🏼💪🏼pхѕѕιveFollow me for more— @x_go_pxssive_z—L—💔—V—E #fortnite #gta

I learned a long time ago to listen intently to beautiful life stories. From the travels of my family and friends, to podcasts, or a well done

Das life