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courtesy: thinkgrowprosper, Evolver Social MovementDefinitely, not forgetting the lessons learnt. Positivity is most important, isn’t it :) 

"Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones who always fight."...🎮 Game: The Isle (Afterthought LLC.)📷 Screenshot: Me/ @dino.

“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret” -Oscar Wilde 👣 Exploring Copenhagen, the beautiful capital of Denmark 🇩🇰 Heading


Bon...jour !!! ..ÊTRE COURAGEUSE....Faire face à ce qui nous arrive est déjà amplement suffisant (pour commencer tout du moins)..Le courage

Lúc có được , một số người quên đi những thứ đáng được trân trọng... Cho đến khi mất đi rồi , người ta lại ch

..Chelsie lost her brother to suicide and walked through the fire and into the most badass woman I’ve yet to meet. ..And her husband is the real

..Chelsie lost her brother to suicide and walked through the fire and into the most badass woman I’ve yet to meet. ..And her husband is the real

Năm tháng chầm chậm phiêu bạt, phương xa còn mờ xa tít tắp...hiện tại chẳng liên quan đến ai hết,chỉ cảm ơn tôi


Самое лучшее решение последних дней было принято три недели назад. Теперь я это точно знаю. Лучшее место в этом году для завершения моего прорывного года, я это заслужила!) Словами свое счастье описывать не буду, ибо не передать это. Но то, что сейчас происходит в моей жизни чудесно(от слова чудО)! 😍🥰🙏😌 Вчера был первый день и богат на события, вне зависимости от погоды:✔️Заселилась в свой номер с нереальным и любимым видом на горы. Сказка ✔️прогулялась, ✔️попала под дождь и подмерзла, позже уже грелась в теплых лучах солнца и лепетала всю дорогу мол как КрасивО! А пейзаж вокруг менялся каждую секунду:)))✔️Покормила рыжую беличью шумную семейку ( я все таки поняла потом, что они приходили по очереди 😊 )✔️Познакомилась с чудесными людьми, поговорили и они угостили меня мятным чаем и бутером и шоколадкой✔️Татьяна меня пофотографировала✔️Послушала дивное пение птиц, сидя у воды и смотрела как миллионы капелек распадаются на разноцветные солнышки через свет уходящего солнца. И смеялась, дивилась как дитё малое!Это такие мелочи вроде, но нет!) Господь, Вселенная благодарю♥️ И утро сегодняшнего дня просто МЕЧТА! 🥰🥳А я пошла дальше покорять и замедляться....😊 Ловить момент, быть в нем 😌🙏 #самаясчастливая #счастьеначинаетсястебя #мечтысбываются #расцветай #brave #braveheart #бытьхрабрымсердцем #храброесердце #mariya_redhead_photo #photomodel #photomodelalmaty #modelalmaty #photosessionalmaty #topmodel #redhairalmaty #рыжая #рыжаямодель #рыжик #голубыеглаза #redhair #redheadstory #ginger #portrait #портрет #путь #впоискесебя #любовьксебе

我收[周邊/卡]Es: 仙石忍LL: 東條希忍者小子: Randy ChunninghamVocaliod: 鏡音連火影忍者: 卡卡西i7: NagiKamen Rider:

Popping bubble wrap is amazing to help get some strength and stretch into Jays left arm and fingers.All the purple ones have to be popped by left

اناللہ و اناالیہ راجعوناللہ تعالیٰ شہید کو جنت الفردوس میں اعلیٰ مقام عطا فرمائے آمین 😢pakistan_zindabad__________ #pakistan #pakarmytheheroes #pak_army_power_of_islam #wedefenders #brave #attitude #soldiers #love #proud #pakistan #Pakistanzindabad #instagram #armed_forces #army_swag #fauji_shahzaday #forcesspecial #serving_nation #pakistanairforce #ssg #airdefence #infantary #PakArmy #PakMarines #PakNavy #PakAirforce #pakistan_army_zindabad #islamabad #lahore #karachi #pakistan #pakistani

This was a good day, leaving Edmonton. Spent all of August last yr there. Such great Surgeons, Nurses, caregivers....Bless them for keeping Our

Life is a art of drawing without eraser so be careful while taking every small decisions about valuable pages of your life. 🙌So try to make every

Day 7️⃣ in Sseko heaven! Here at Sseko, we like to say that #everyssekohasastory. One of the ways we help you tell your story is with our #Brave


Bina Keluarga Remaja (BKR)Keluarga yang memiliki anak remaja , tentu harus mengetahui bagaimana membimbing anaknya yang sudah remaja untuk terhindar

HIGHER VIBRATIONS - LOVE - Part 3Essay by Ina B. HAPPY BIRTHDAY J! ❤️It took me a week but I got to the hospital to see my cousin. I don’t

HIGHER VIBRATIONS - LOVE - Part 3Essay by Ina B. HAPPY BIRTHDAY J! ❤️It took me a week but I got to the hospital to see my cousin. I don’t

📖 Stories-Just Stop📖.➕We are not our stories. ➕We are not our past. ➕We are not going to play these stories to ourselves on repeat about


The Colour Monster... today we talked about emotions and Feelings and it’s great to express how we feel and what we think. Making our own Monsters

Nothing scares people more than their biggest fears and phobias. Why? Because it only exists within the mind, and most of us would rather avoid

Handmade be brave little one baby burp cloths now available in my Etsy shop! Get them here! #baby #babylovey #infant


Summer Collection ☀️Poly in Rose and marble $14Shop link in bio 🌵

Move towards what soothes your soul. What makes your blood pump? Puts meaning in your life? Satisfies your spirit? You are a creator of the life you

Try what scares you, smile at them who yelled at you, compete with what insulted you, answer them who keep discouraging you, fight them if they don’

#viking #brave #authentisch...Nothing is what it seems.... The essential is invisible to the eyes, if you do not look with the heart ......


18.06.19-❤بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ ❤ 😊Finally end of year 2 ... many unexpected things happened

I am a firm believer that most of us post photos looking at our kids because we don’t like how our face looks in the other snapshots 😂 📸:

消防からのアフターラーメンもん吉🍜群馬の大食い女王ゆりもりさんが3度目の挑戦で成功した6.5キロのメガもん吉ラーメン💦もはやウエストよりデカい器に相乗りされた麺(5人前)コーン(1kg)もやし(1.8kg)ワカメ(0.8kg)メンマ(0.3kg)玉子(2個半)チャーシュー(9枚)一般人の成功者が勇者に見える✨ #ラーメン #らーめん #拉麺 #ramen #飛騨高山 #もん吉 #メガ #mega #大食い #gluttony #女王 #queen #ゆりもり #もえあず #アンカンミンカン #一般人 #ordinarypeople #勇者 #brave

so my spending habits have been a lot much lately 👀 but this lot was so worth the three hour drive to get it! Originally the plan was to go to

The beginning of a new chapter! I can't wait to start this journey and see whether has in store. I have the best support system! #cancersucks #cancer

Workout get active, you don't need a gym membership. Get going!! Go to the park. Life is to short to be indoors all the time 🌳 #selfie

Love this! I have been on an intentional journey of personal growth and mental health for the last six months specifically and whooooooooo doggie (as


My little baby boy lost his first tooth today and was so proud! He even pulled it out himself 😀because I despise 🦷 teeth and couldn’t help

I ask all my non vegan friends to please watch @dominionmovement , or watch the clips of each industry like I have (because I don't believe in