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Stay...sound sexy here😍😍. The way she moving her head and scrunching her nose . She is so beautiful and hot

░ ▏mi mayor deseo es conocer a blackpink😔😔︿︿︿︿ ; (( @roses_are_rosie


Someone saw Rosé eating with a friend 2 days ago. They said she's so pretty in person , her skin is so white, her eyes are so big, so skinny and

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Like colors in Holi enchances our lives.Same way, eating a variety of colorful food provides vitamins, minerals,and antioxidants to nourish your body

"A group cannot be formed without a leader, right? So right now, Which Blackpink member is the leader?" [I think it was Jisoo, how 'bout you?]

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Rajan r.s #ईतनी बार😚 तो‪ #doctor ‬ने भी मेरा #BP


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Engines everywhere haha


Mohon doanya teman-teman semua. InsyaAlloh ibu saya, utinya anak-anak, tahun ini akan menunaikan rukun Islam ke-5 yaitu ibadah haji..Mohon doanya


Фан камеры знают куда нужно фоткать ❤️ @ да я стэню лучших [19.06.19🌼] #lisa #lalisa #lisamanoban

It's you, because no one else makes sense. 💞______________________________I am hurt i want to squish her soft cheeks!! ☺️ @lalalalisa_m

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ROSÉ SOLO Melbourne, Aussie✨Perfact Vocal, can't wait u solo....Please support Acc @onlyrose.blackpinks @onlyrose.blackpinks

Ооо блэкпинк с концерта , я их так люблю ❤️ @ да я стэню лучших #lisa #lalisa #lisamanoban

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Заправился блять на BP

#BP-018Warna : hitam,abu abu,hijau,merah,biru

New profile pic in honour of 30 followers 🤩 Even tho it’s just 30, every small step is still an achievement 🤪 What y’all think of it?

Barça know from the heavyweights in the dressing room that the arrival of Griezmann does not excite, quite the opposite. Barça are now looking for a

#BP-017Warna : merah,merah muda,hitam,hijau


#BP-016Ukuran : 15×21×7Warna : kuning,ungu,biru,hitam,merah muda muda,merah muda gelap,kuning gelap

Which one

Here are some more, and not just bts this time :)•I don’t take credit for taking these pictures. If you want the original, dm me.• Tags

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~ OMG 💀 guysss my friend sent this to me and said this was meeee skisksjksksisk 😭😭He not wrong tho