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#working. #bethere. #boring. #almostdone. #moneys. Misschien koop ik wel een Bentley 🤷🏼‍♀️ #vroemm. #vroemm

NAV has once again released one of the most lackluster albums that will come out this year.  He is not an artist that cares about his craft in any

This is a photo of the time I watched a police drop to the ground and pass out, I can't shoe you the photo as he may have sadly past away, again in

I think this video revealed what an absolute bunch of ignorant morons @prageru really are! Nationalism is NOT patriotism and it never ends happily

Go subscribe to my channel and watch my latest (which are absolutely trash & boring😂)

I’m not so excited for this road trip #boring

Headaches have made me very confused, hurting and slow these days 😅 Trying to stay happy, but again: emotions aren’t supposed to be suppressed

🍑─• ・ 。゚☆: .🍑 . :☆゚. •─🍑~fashion clouds~ Okay but maths are just so boring so

Mít závislost je lepší jak mít závistfakt tě nechápu, jestli chceš slávužijeme ze dne na den, nemáme plány nejá nemusím spát, kdy

Sunday’s job💅Colour swatching all my SNS colours🤦‍♀️The most boring job ever😫😫😫😫😫😫thank god for Spotify urban RnB

A last second, random change of schedules led me to out to the route we literally called Old Faithful. So many memories of so many miles on this 5.5

#wip : building a box from scratch is soothing. Also I am working on feet.but anyways.... Leaving #NeverlandThe #documentary has already been

HIIII..I MADE IT HERE FINALLY....don’t ask me for much because I like sleep. Maybe I’ll post #makeup looks and maybe I’ll do #nothing maybe I’

Brownies with ice very mainstream ,with giggles and smiles,your face it beguiles,your heart is deception your words like a brownie.The

Had to pull the trigger on something I really didn’t want...what’s the fun in a dust collector? Sweeping was getting old though. All reviews and

We don't see all the text... Well, it doesn't matter. @cha.mln_7You can find it on YouTube #music #compo #musique #lo-